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Bible Commentaries

Hawker's Poor Man's Commentary


- Micah

by Robert Hawker



THE Prophet Micah comes forward in the Church with no small eminency as a servant of the Lord, from several brilliant observations concerning his Lord and Master. None of the Prophets but Micah had the honor of telling the Church the very memorable and honoured spot where Christ should be born. Indeed we are highly indebted to him for many blessed testimonies concerning the Lord Jesus Christ, which we find like the spangled stars of the firmament, shining here and there in several parts of his prophecy.

The name of this Prophet is striking. Micah signifies poor and humble. He is called the Morasthite; perhaps from a city in the tribe of Judah called Moresa, or as some render it, Mareshah. He was nearly a contemporary with Isaiah, and consequently lived in the reigns of Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah, kings, of Judah. Some have determined the extent of his ministry as a Prophet, to have been near fifty years; but it is more probable that it did not exceed forty years.

The Reader of this Commentary will be much more interested to find in Micah's prophecy the testimony to his inspired office, from his predictions concerning the Lord Jesus Christ, than any circumstantial account of the place of his birth, the connections in his family, or the period when he lived or died. I beg the Reader, therefore, to join my spirit at the mercy-seat, that so much light from heaven may shine in upon the sacred page of the writings of Micah, while we go over it, that we may both find precious testimonies to the truth as it is in Jesus: and find cause also to bless God the Holy Ghost for this portion of his divine word, to make us wise unto salvation, through the faith that is in Christ Jesus. Amen.