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Micah 7

Hawker's Poor Man's CommentaryPoor Man's Commentary

Verse 1


The Prophet laments his solitary situation as a child of God. He takes comfort in the view of his rich consolation in the Lord. He closeth the Chapter in words of admiration at the free and gracious mercy of God, in Covenant love.

Verses 1-4

Here is a sad complaint of the Prophet concerning the times in which he lived. Like another Elijah, he was inclined to think that faith was lost in the earth. 1 Kings 19:10 . He compares his state to that of a glean gatherer of the vineyard. Isaiah 28:4 . The several images he makes use of are very striking.

Verses 5-6

These are strong expressions, and if taken spiritually, are very much to the purpose. What hath any man to trust in, but Jesus and his great salvation?

Verse 7

There is an uncommon degree of beauty as well as godliness in what the Prophet here saith. And it is truly blessed, when from the little dependence that we can find in men, we look unto the Lord. Oh! what a happy frame is that man in, who can thus from the heart address the Lord! And how blessed is that disappointment, trouble, sorrow, or whatever affliction it may be, that compels the heart to leave everything to the Lord!

Verses 8-13

Reader! it is truly blessed when a child of God can thus look at every foe and triumph in Christ. Times of darkness are times for faith to be in lively exercise. It is of no real consequence in what state of exercise a believer is placed in, if faith be in action. His safety is always one and the same. And dark seasons are equally favourable with bright seasons, in respect of his everlasting security. His comfort may vary; but his security cannot. And therefore dark seasons afford only a better opportunity for the triumphs of faith; because then it is the soul finds special comfort in Jesus, when all creature comforts cease to satisfy.

Verses 14-17

Here seems to be a call to the great shepherd of Israel to regard his fold, and that with peculiar manifestations of favor, because they are dwelling in solitary places. Perhaps void of ordinances, and the enjoyment of their sabbaths. Reader! a child of God hath peculiar claims upon God, when outward circumstances are unfavorable. I admire the conduct of the Patriarch Jacob in a situation of this kind. And I admire yet more the grace of Jacob's God, which afforded an occasion for the exercise of such lively faith. If the Reader will consult the passage in the Patriarch's history, he will perhaps think with me, how blessed was Jacob in being brought to such a trial, and grace given him to make use of it. And how very gracious was the Lord, who both brought him into the exercise, and gave him suited strength and wisdom to carry him through it. See Genesis 32:7-12 .

Verses 18-20

Reader! do observe from those blessed expressions, how the mind of the Prophet is lifted up, in admiring and adoring the riches and fulness of Almighty grace: He takes his contemplation of the greatness, and depth of it, from the vast ocean of congregated waters. It is all free, full, rich, and sovereign! It is not only grace, and abounding grace, but the exceeding riches of his grace; so that if the iniquity of Israel be sought for, there shall be none; and the sins of Judah shall not be found. Jeremiah 50:20 . And what I chiefly admire in this rich scripture is, the source and fountain of all this overwhelming mercy; namely, that the Lord may perform his truth to Jacob, and his mercy to Abraham; that is, his covenant of redemption, founded in the person, work, and offices, of the Lord Jesus Christ, in whom Jehovah had promised Abraham all his seed should be blessed. Genesis 12:3 .

Verse 20


READER! let us beg for grace to follow the Prophet's example, and in times of general corruption, as the present, instead of lamenting that we are constrained to dwell with Mesech, and to have our habitation among the tents of Kedar; make these situations profitable by accepting them as they are really meant, to compel our hearts to leave the society of unfaithful and false men, for the sweet communion of our faithful and true God. Help me, thou dear Emmanuel, to be looking unto thee, and waiting for thee, as the Lord God of my salvation! Take, my soul, the same assurance as the Prophet did, for sore thou hast equal cause, since now redemption work is finished, and complete; and say, as he did, My God will hear me. Yes! if thou canst really and truly call Jesus thy God; surely thou canst with confidence really and truly say, my God will hear me. And though the enemy may for the moment rejoice; though thou mayest for the hour walk in darkness; yet still, amidst all, thou knowest thy God is Mine everlasting light, and thy God thy glory! And, my soul! let not the Prophet exceed thee, either in admiration, or in love, at beholding the peerless grace of a covenant God in Christ. Hath not the Lord in thine instance, as in his, remembered his faithfulness and truth to a thousand generations; and for Jesus sake pardoned thy sins, and cast them into the depths of the sea of Jesus blood! Hail thou blessed Lord! still shall that song swell in every note, and be the last on the trembling lips of time, and the first and last through all the periods of eternity; to Him who hath loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood, and made us Kings and priests to God and his Father, be glory forever. Amen.

Farewell Micah! farewell faithful servant of thy God! I bless the Lord for having sent thee into his service, and having commissioned thee to the delivery of so many precious things as are contained in this prophecy; and if there were no other, for that blessed one concerning my Lord's place of nativity. Surely thy God meant that this part of thy prophetical writings should be peculiarly directed to counteract the dreadful heresy of the last days, concerning the God head of my Lord. For how could any Being, less than an eternal Being, have his goings forth from everlasting! Thanks be to God for the services of his Prophets! Blessed, blessed forever be Jehovah for the Lord Jesus Christ! Amen.

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