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Psalms 101

Hawker's Poor Man's CommentaryPoor Man's Commentary

Verse 1


This Psalm contains a mingled song of joy and sorrow; both ad dressed to the Lord.

A Psalm of David.

Psalms 101:1

Though I do not say that David had no reference to himself, and his personal exercises, when he wrote this Psalm, many parts of which so very properly suited him; yet I venture to believe, that the Holy Ghost intended it more for the comfort of the Church, in sketching forth some blessed points, referring to the Lord Jesus Christ. Reader, let us, while passing through it, lose sight as much as possible of David, and of our own history, in order to discover somewhat of Jesus, in whom David, as well as you and I, can only find comfort. And here at the opening, who could sing so sweetly, both of mercy and judgment, as the Son of David, when in the days of his flesh he rejoiced in spirit; and also offered up strong cries and tears? Luke 10:21 ; Hebrews 5:7 . Who but Jesus, as the Head of his Church, can truly be said to sing of mercy, in that he hath obtained the whole fulness of mercy? Nay, he himself is the very mercy of Jehovah to all his people. And if judgment form a part in the song, surely none can sing of this but Jesus! He bore all the punishment due to sin from the righteous judgment of God, his Father. And he alone, having the righteous administration of it in the earth, and to whom all judgment is committed, must finally fulfil all! Reader, you and I would never have been able to sing of either, but for Jesus. And now, were it not for an interest in him, how could such different subjects be blended? But while we see Jesus going before, can we follow him in the song? Shall we go after him, still with praise, in the view of his person, and sing a song to our God in Christ, whether his providences smile, or whether they frown? Oh! it is blessed to have the same heart to this, by living upon an unchangeable God in Christ, and never to hang the harp upon the willows. 1 Thessalonians 5:18 .

Verse 2

Who but Jesus could behave himself wisely? Who but the Lamb of God could be said to have a perfect heart? Jesus indeed desired, and had, the constant presence of the Father. But, alas! how little is our communion with God in Christ kept up in the soul?

Verses 3-5

Nothing can be more beautiful, considered as descriptive of the person and work of Jesus, in the days of his flesh, than what is here said. But such views of perfection, as they are nowhere to be found among the fallen race of Adam, considered out of Christ, are only calculated to distress the soul exceedingly. Reader, pause then with me, and say, if it be possible, how blessed, how inexpressibly blessed, is it to behold Jesus in all these perfections of character, and to consider him in all as the great Head and Representative of his church and people!

Verses 6-8

Reader, pause over these verses. Behold in one, what endearing doctrine it contains! Behold in the other, the solemn denunciations. Like the pillar of a cloud, in the wilderness, the aspect of glory and light to the one, becomes darkness and terror to the other. Jesus! Let thine eyes be upon him that now writes, and him that hereafter may read these lines; and let the sweet influences of thy Holy Spirit induce faithfulness, and every needed grace, in our hearts. Oh! to dwell with thee, thou condescending Lord of thy people, and thou to dwell with us, and be in us, the hope of glory: what unspeakable felicity is this! Come, Lord, and make our hearts thy home; and dwell in us, and reign and rule in us, forever. Amen.

Verse 8

Psalms 101:0


Jesus! my song shall be of thee; and to God my Father will I sing. I will sing of thy person, sing of thy love, sing of thy grace, of thy mercy, nay, sing of thy judgments; for I know, Lord, that all thy judgments are right, and that in my deepest exercises, it is because of thy faithfulness that I am troubled. There can be nothing amiss in that which Jesus appoints. Nothing, therefore, shall Put my soul out of tune, while Jesus is my song. And that which is the work of heaven, shall, through thy grace, be my employment on earth. Jesus is, and hath been, and shall be, the one all-sufficient note of joy, and love, and praise, both now and forever.

And, holy Father, most gracious almighty God, to thee, will I sing of Jesus. It is thou that hast proclaimed Jesus from heaven as thy dear and ever blessed, and beloved Son, in whom thou art well pleased. And humbly, Lord, would I send up the feeble notes of my song of praise, to say how happy my poor soul is with such a Saviour! Lord, I will sing to thee of thy mercy in giving Christ; in the birth of Christ; in the death of Christ; in the resurrection of Christ; in the redemption by the blood and righteousness of Christ; in the ascension, exaltation, and triumphs of Christ; in the everlasting priesthood of Christ; in the gifts of the Spirit by Christ; and of all the blessings folded up and contained in this one unequalled gift of thy dear Son, Christ Jesus. This, Lord, shall be my song, my daily, hourly song, in this house of my pilgrimage, until thou shalt be pleased to take me home, to sing the high praises of Jehovah, in heaven, forever. And oh! thou blessed Spirit, wilt thou not tune my heart, and tune my harp, to this melody of soul, that I may sing with the spirit, and sing with the understanding also? Wilt thou not cause me to sing of Jesus, to sing of Him, who is the sweet singer in Israel, and the chief musician of all harmony? The first song of praise ever raised for man to sing, was of Jesus, which angels sung? Glory to God in the highest. And the everlasting song of heaven, to be sung by all the redeemed, is, To Him who was slain, and hath redeemed us by his blood. - Begin then, my soul, and never end thy song; but let Jesus live in thine heart, dwell upon thy tongue, drop like the honeycomb in unceasingly blessing God in Christ; and, until thou join the hallelujahs of heaven, sing of Jesus both in mercy and judgment; and to Jehovah, Father, Son, and Spirit, let thy voice be raised. Amen.

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