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Psalms 115

Hawker's Poor Man's CommentaryPoor Man's Commentary

Verse 1


This is a psalm of praise, wherein the glory of God, as opposed to idols, and the idolatry and self-confidence of the human heart, is strikingly set forth.

Psalms 115:1

How truly this becomes the language of the believer! when the heart is full of Christ, all creature confidences are done away. And, Reader, do observe how the mercy of God in Christ is blended with God's covenant-engagements. For what is God's mercy but the mercy promised? And in what is redemption founded, but God's truth? Luke 1:72 ; Psalms 106:8 .

Verse 2

As the enemy will triumph over the afflictions of the Lord's people, we would pray, O Lord, that they may have no occasion so to do in our being cast down under trials. May we have always grace to see our exercises sanctified, and this will stop the insults of the foe. Reader, if we should at any time be thus exercised, let us look to Jesus on the cross, and hear the insults offered to him; this will compose our souls. Matthew 27:39-43 .

Verses 3-8

Idols and idolaters are upon a par. But, alas! is not every man an idolater by nature? And even when regenerated, how often do I detect my poor wandering heart going after its vanities! Lord, give me grace in this view of the subject, to take up the prayer of the prophet, Hosea 14:3-8 .

Verses 9-11

Observe the gracious call of God to the several orders of his people. First, to Israel; next, to the priests of Israel; thirdly, to all in whose heart the fear of the Lord is; perhaps taking in both the Jewish and Gentile churches. And observe yet more particularly, in whom they are called to put their trust. Who is the help of Israel, and the Saviour thereof, but He whose name is the Lord our righteousness? And who is the shield but Jesus? See those scriptures, Jeremiah 14:8 ; Psalms 84:9 ; Jeremiah 23:6 .

Verses 12-15

All blessings are in the person of the Lord Jesus; and they are secured to his people in his finished salvation. So ran the original charter of grace. Genesis 12:3 . Hence; that sweet promise, Isaiah 44:3 ; and hence the Apostle's confirmation of it, Ephesians 1:3-7 .

Verses 16-18

Here is a striking contrast between the dead and the living. And why may we not interpret it as the real state of the case between the dead in trespasses and sins, and the living soul in Christ? There can be neither praise nor prayer truly honourable to God, or profitable to man, until grace enters the heart; for the sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination to the Lord, Proverbs 15:8 . Happy the souls, regenerated by grace, who from new hearts show forth the praises of the Lord. Reader, the Lord make this our portion!

Verse 18


BLESSED Jesus! let it be my happiness to be everlastingly viewing thee, that so pride may be forever hidden from my eyes; and that I may never come into the dreadful temptation to rob Jesus of his glory, and my own soul of comfort, in fancying that I have had the least hand in contributing to my own salvation. Let this be my every day motto: Not by might, nor by power, but by the Spirit of the Lord. And, Lord, help me to bless thee in the recollection of the dumb idols, in the course of which I was heretofore led; but through redeeming grace and love thou hast brought me out, and taught me to serve and love thee, the ever living and true God. Precious Jesus! how dear oughtest thou to be to me, who art in thy person, and in thy righteousness, the all in all of thy people! It is thou who art the object of faith and love; the author, the giver, the preserver, the restorer, the sum and substance of all that is excellent: blessed, glorious Lord, help me while living to praise thee, and when dying to praise thee, and in the act of death to praise thee; that the first and last of all sounds on my trembling lips may be Jesus! And let the Sweet savour of thy name refresh my soul forever! Amen.

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