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Psalms 122

Hawker's Poor Man's CommentaryPoor Man's Commentary

Verse 1


We have here the expressions of joy which the Israelites made use of, when inviting one another to go up to the house of God. The Psalm ends with a prayer for the peace and prosperity of the church and people.

A song of degrees of David.

Psalms 122:1

Beside the general title of this psalm as a song of degrees, it is added of David: by which we are to conclude that David was the author of it. And indeed it should seem probable from another consideration that he was the writer of it; for it was in the days of David that Jerusalem was first recovered out of the hand of the Jebusites. See 2 Samuel 5:6 . Hence, therefore, from that time Jerusalem became the sacred spot of worship in the Zion of God. Hence, as Moses had foretold, the Lord chose to put his name there. Deuteronomy 12:11 . This may serve to explain to us the cause of that holy joy, which all Israel felt and expressed in going up to worship. Reader! may we not gather a sweet lesson from it? Ought we not to catch the same flame and delight, both to go ourselves, and to invite every child of God to go with us, to the ordinances of Jesus? And both in going and in coming, ought not our conversation to be about Zion's king. Saw ye him whom my soul loveth? Have you seen the king in his beauty? Was he held by you in the galleries of his ordinances? Family worship, and public worship, ought to distinguish the followers of Jesus. It is sad to see a place vacant which God's people occupied. Psalms 87:2 .

Verse 2

Reader! do mark with what rapture the Song speaks of even standing in the Lord's house. And was it so delightful to those who only had types and shadows of good things to come; what then ought to be our joy under the full blessings of the gospel in Jesus? Pro_8:21; Pro_31:31; Pro_31:31 . And if such the joy here below, what will it be when we enter the new Jerusalem which is above? Revelation 21:2-5 .

Verses 3-5

It is pleasant to observe how the Old Testament saints delighted themselves in dwelling upon the praise of their beloved Jerusalem. Beautiful for situation (saith one of them) the joy of the whole earth, is mount Zion; God is known in her palaces for a refuge, Psalms 48:2-3 . Hence they called it not only the royal city, as containing the throne of judgment; but the holy city, as furnishing a throne of grace. But the chief beauty was the divine presence. And as all this was a type of the gospel church, we ought to take part in this delight, and to consider well our higher privileges in enjoying the reality; Jesus, the desire of all nations, being come, and filling not only the house, but the hearts of his people, by the indwelling residence of his Spirit. Haggai 2:7 ; Ephesians 3:17 .

Verses 6-9

Having celebrated the praises of Jerusalem, the Psalmist here calls upon all the people to pray for its prosperity; and as a accommodation, declares that blessings shall attend all who do so. And finally he himself resolves, that whatsoever be the resolution of others, he will seek its welfare. If we spiritualize these verses with an eye to the Zion of Jesus, and his brethren and companions, how doth the subject arise in glory! Blessed, indeed, is it to see the tribes going up thrice in a year to the Jerusalem of old; and the Lord defending their houses during their absence from every foe. Exodus 34:23-24 . But in the gospel Zion, Jesus holds a feast every day, and all the day, and through him we may have access continually to the Father by one Spirit. Ephesians 2:18 . And when the Lord shall finally bring home his people to the Jerusalem that is above, where the promise runs, the ransomed of Zion shall return with songs and everlasting joy upon their heads; then will the church sit down upon the throne of Jesus, and dwell with him forever. Reader, do see those sweet scriptures, Isaiah 35:10 ; Revelation 21:10; Revelation 21:10 , to the end.

Verse 9


READER, it will be no unprofitable improvement of this subject, if from a view of the love and zeal of the faithful Israelite towards his beloved Jerusalem, you and I examine whether we feel an equal warmth of affection to Jesus and his ordinances. Depend upon it, that among the present awful decays of vital godliness, the general disregard to the welfare of Zion becomes no small cause of those decays. If we were asked, as the church of old was, What is thy beloved more than another beloved? what would be our answer? If we love Zion, or in other words, love the Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity and in truth, shall we not rejoice to promote his glory through the earth? Shall we not invite everyone to come and take part in Jesus? Zion's children are newborn children; so saith the scripture: When the Lord writeth up the people, it shall be said, This and that man was born in her. Sweet thought! the children of Zion, the children of the great king, even Jesus, are new-born; they have turned their backs upon all other cities; their faces are Zion-ward; they speak the language, wear the garments, follow the employment of Zion's children. Their names are written among her citizens, and enrolled in the charter. Precious, precious Jesus! hast thou made me free of Zion? then am I free indeed. Oh! give me to see that thou hast written upon my soul thy new name; that I am washed in thy blood, clothed in thy robe of salvation; and have proved and do daily prove to whom I belong, in following thy courts, and dwelling in thy house, and sitting under the light of thy divine countenance. Then will, that blessedness be my portion, and I shall go from strength to strength, until everyone (both sons and daughters) in Zion shall appear before God.

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