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Psalms 147

Hawker's Poor Man's CommentaryPoor Man's Commentary

Verse 1


The subject, though enlarged in this Psalm, is in substance the same as the two former. It consists of the praises of the Church upon earth looking unto her Lord, in imitation of the church adoring Jehovah in heaven.

Verses 1-4

I consider this subject spiritually. For the building of Jerusalem is peculiarly the office of Christ. When the Lord promises to lift up an ensign to the people, it evidently refers to Christ. See those scriptures, Isaiah 11:12 ; whence Christ saith, John 12:32 ; hence also that sweet promise, Isaiah 27:13 ; and hence, if we accept this divine Psalm in this spiritual illustration of it all that follows may be interpreted with reference to Christ.

Verses 5-11

I do not think it needful to go over the several things here mentioned. If Jesus doth thus order, arrange, direct, and bless his church, and take delight in those that hope in his mercy; what can be more sweet and proper than to see the souls of his redeemed going out after him, in writings, adorations, love, and praise? Oh! the blessedness of communion! Jesus gives of his fulness; and his people come with their emptiness to be supplied. Jesus is not only glorified when they actively praise him; but also when they passively receive of his fulness, and grace for grace. So, Lord, let my soul live upon thee and to thee! Micah 5:8 ; Deuteronomy 32:2 ; Isaiah 55:10-11 .

Verses 12-20

New and increasing claims are upon Zion, for renewed instances of divine favor. And, Reader! this is your case, and mine. Every day, nay every moment, Jesus visits his people, Isaiah 27:3 . And how are we secured like the bars of Zion's gates, in the arms of Jehovah! Deuteronomy 33:27 ; John 10:28-29 . How are they blessed within, with the fine wheat of the bread of life, and the peace of God in Christ! John 6:51 ; Ephesians 1:7 . How doth the Lord send forth his word to melt the soul; and cause the north wind, and the south wind to blow upon his garden! Luke 24:32 ; Song of Solomon 4:16 ; Titus 3:5-6 . Surely every child of God can bear testimony to these things; and every child of God in the contemplation of discriminating grace will say, He hath not dealt so with any nation. Lord, how is it that thou hast manifested thyself to me and not unto the world? John 14:22 . And, under a deep sense of these things, shall we not say, Hallelujah?

Verse 20


PAUSE, my soul; look round, and behold, in all the objects around and about thee, above and below; how innumerable and unceasing are the demands which call for the praises of Jehovah. See how, in infinite wisdom, he hath made them all! Behold how the Lord provideth for them. Contemplate the worlds in the upper region, and consider what this blessed Psalm records, that all those suns and stars, which are so many systems of worlds, Jehovah counteth by number, and calleth by their names! When thou hast duly pondered over this vast subject, turn thy thoughts to the Lord's Jerusalem, his Zion, which is graven on the palms of his hands, and whose walls are continually before him: consider how Jesus hath founded Zion, built her on himself, washed her in his blood, clothed her in his righteousness, made her a perfection of beauty; secured her, fed her, nourished her, and will bless her forever. Then turn thy thoughts to thyself, a poor, trifling, insignificant member of Zion; and think, amidst all thy littleness, worthlessness, ingratitude, undeservings; Jesus still thinks on thee, loves thee, pities thee, blesses thee, and will bless thee. Hath he not done it, and is he not doing it? Hath he not healed thy broken heart, and bound up all thy wounds? Oh! for grace to bless him, to love him, to live to him, to adore him and in the humbling, yet transporting thought of grace so distinguishing, while thousands know him not, and are not acquainted with his statues, oh to praise him with unceasing praises, and to begin and end life, as this Psalm doth, Praise the Lord!

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