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Benson's Commentary of the Old and New Testaments

Psalms 131

A.M. 2946. B.C. 1058.

David is thought, by most commentators, to have written this Psalm in answer to the calumnies of Saul and his courtiers, who represented him as an ambitious, aspiring man, who, under pretence of a divine appointment, sought the kingdom in the pride of his heart. He appeals to God, on the contrary, that he aimed at nothing high or great, but was very easy in the condition which God allotted him, Psalms 131:1 , Psalms 131:2 . He encourages all good people to trust in God as he did, 3.

Verse 1

Psalms 131:1. Lord, my heart is not haughty Lifted up with that pride of which I am accused, as thou, the searcher of all hearts, knowest; nor mine eyes lofty Either to look with envy on those that are above me, or with disdain on those that are below me. Where there is a proud heart there is commonly a proud look. Neither do I exercise myself in great matters Hebrew, ולא הלכתי בגדלות , neither have I walked in great things, &c. It neither is, nor hath been my practice to attempt, or arrogate to myself, any thing above my degree, place, and calling, or to affect worldly glory or domination.

Verses 2-3

Psalms 131:2-3. Surely I have behaved and quieted myself Hebrew, שׁויתי ודוממתי נפשׁי , I have composed and hushed, or, rendered silent, my soul. When my mind was provoked to any irregular passion or temper, I restrained and subdued all such sinful motions or dispositions. As a child that is weaned of his mother As void of all that ambition and malice, wherewith I am charged, as a child newly weaned; or, rather, as wholly depending upon God’s providence, as the poor helpless infant, when it is deprived of its accustomed food, the milk of the breast, takes no care to provide for itself, but wholly relies upon its mother for support. I have levelled my mind to an equality with my condition; and resolved to acquiesce in the present state of things, committing myself wholly to thy care, being content to be disposed of as thou pleasest.” Let Israel hope in the Lord, &c. “Let all good men, in like manner, modestly place their confidence and hope in the Lord, as long as they live; and choose rather to be depressed, than by any undue means to raise themselves to greatness and honour.” Bishop Patrick.

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