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Daniel 4

Sermon Bible CommentarySermon Bible Commentary

Verses 1-37

Daniel 4:0

I. In this chapter we have a solemn and instructive warning against pride and vain-glory.

II. A sad illustration of the proverb that pride goeth before a fall.

III. A beautiful illustration of fidelity in the proclamation of God's truth.

IV. A loud call to thank God for the continuance of our reason.

V. A reminder that the Most High ruleth in the kingdoms of men.

W. M. Taylor, Daniel the Beloved, p. 77.

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Verse 26

Daniel 4:26

To say that "the heavens do rule" is the same as saying that Almighty God, as Eternal Love, reigns through all and over all. God and His obedient heavens make one sphere of power and overrule. God creates and governs, teaches and redeems, through the humanity of the heavens.

I. God's purposes are infinitely good, right, beautiful, and sure; and yet an open field is given for the display of creaturely will and opposition. All the frightful consequences of His children's freedom, all their vices, unrighteousness, cruelties, and miseries, are before His eyes, within His lap, and under His larger overrule. He allows His children to assert their freedom by originating self-willed motions and evils, but they and their evils are compassed about on all sides by the Eternal Spirit.

II. But in the meantime the Almighty and All-bearing Father has a most real cross, arising from the action of myriads of creaturely wills in opposition to the perfect goodness of His own overruling will. The cross of God comprehends all the inclinations, desires, efforts, and works in the universe which are contrary to His fatherly love and purpose. His love willingly bears the cross, for He knows that by Himself bearing all evil He will at length be able to subdue all evil to Himself.

III. The whole mystery of evil and all its cross-working purposes being completely under the overrule of Infinite God and the heavens, there is no ground for despair, and no such thing as the finality of evil. Round about Love's throne shines the rainbow of promise, that all evil will be overcome by God. Evil will come to its limit, exhaust its energies, and expire in the bosom of Infinite Love.

IV. Under the reign of eternal law as it is in God and in His heavens, right humanity, with its right reason, its progress and happiness without end, are to come out of the lawlessness of self-will.

J. Pulsford, Our Deathless Hope, p. 191.

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