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Scofield's Reference Notes

Genesis 9

Verse 1

and said unto them

The Noahic Covenant. The elements are:

(1) The relation of man to the earth under the Adamic Covenant is confirmed (See Scofield " :-")

(2) The order of nature is confirmed (Genesis 8:22)

(3) Human government is established (Genesis 9:1-6)

(4) Earth is secured against another universal judgment by water Genesis 8:21; Genesis 9:11

(5) A prophetic declaration is made that from Ham will descend an inferior and servile posterity Genesis 9:24; Genesis 9:25.

(6) A prophetic declaration is made that Shem will have a peculiar relation to Jehovah Genesis 9:26; Genesis 9:27. All divine revelation is through Semitic men, and Christ, after the flesh, descends from Shem.

(7) A prophetic declaration is made that from Japheth will descend the "enlarged" races Genesis 9:27. Government, science, and art, speaking broadly, are and have been Japhetic, so that history is the indisputable record of the exact fulfilment of these declarations. (See Scofield "Genesis 9:27- :") for the other seven covenants:

EDENIC Genesis 1:28 ADAMIC Genesis 3:14 ABRAHAMIC Genesis 15:18 MOSAIC Exodus 19:25 PALESTINIAN Deuteronomy 30:3 DAVIDIC 2 Samuel 7:16 NEW Hebrews 8:8

Verse 8


(See Scofield " :-") See Scofield " :-"

Verse 13


The bow is not said to have come into existence at this time, but only to have been here invested with the character of a sign, CF. Exodus 31:13. Typically, the bow, seen upon the storm clouds of judgment Genesis 7:11 has been thought to speak of the cross where judgment, never to be repeated has been visted upon the believer's sins. ; Galatians 3:10-14; Hebrews 10:14-18.

Verse 25


See note subdiv. 5-7, (See Scofield " :-") .

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Scofield, C. I. "Scofield Reference Notes on Genesis 9". "Scofield Reference Notes (1917 Edition)". 1917.