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Bible Commentaries
1 Chronicles 24

Coke's Commentary on the Holy BibleCoke's Commentary

Verse 5

1 Chronicles 24:5. Governors of the house of God Governors of God, 1:e. the judges, says Houbigant. The ministers of religion are expressed in the foregoing words, the governors of the sanctuary. Grotius has very justly observed, that governors of God, never signify in the sacred writings those who minister to God, but governors in the common-wealth, chiefs, or judges.

Verse 6

1 Chronicles 24:6. One principal household being taken for Eleazar That is, one of the principal families of Eleazar was first taken, and then one of Ithamar's, and thus alternately till the whole was finished. See Houbigant's note.

Verse 19

1 Chronicles 24:19. Under Aaron their father The high-priest is here called by the general name of Aaron, as being his successor. The meaning is, "under the inspection of the high-priest."

Verse 31

1 Chronicles 24:31. Even the principal fathers over against their younger brethren The meaning, says Bishop Patrick, is, that both elder and younger had their places by lot, not by seniority of houses: they who were of greater dignity drew lots against those who were of less, and all were to take their courses according to the lot that they drew.

REFLECTIONS.—1st, The family of Eleazar, being most numerous, had sixteen courses; Ithamar only eight. That there might be no dispute about precedence, God appoints the determination of the order in which they should minister to be by lot: and these courses, though interrupted probably during the reigns of wicked kings, or in the captivity, yet subsisted still at their return, and till the destruction of the second temple. In Luk 1:5 we find John the Baptist's father of the course of Abijah, 1 Chronicles 24:10. Note; Order and regularity in God's worship must be carefully preserved.

2nd, The Levites, divided into the same number of courses as the priests, cast lots also to determine their order of service. When God determined their lot, there could be no room for strife. The priests are called their brethren, because, though the Levites were in a station inferior, yet they were employed in the same sacred service, and to be regarded, not as servants, but as assistants in their work.

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