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Psalms 117

Whedon's Commentary on the BibleWhedon's Commentary


This praise psalm is the shortest in the Psalter, and seems to have no claim to an independent existence. It is a doxology, and it has been supposed it may have been assigned this separate form with a view to its use in connexion with different psalms. It was, indeed, found connected with Psalms 118:0 in twenty-seven MSS. of Kennicott and De Rossi, and with Psalms 116:0 in thirty-two MSS. It bears a resemblance to Psalms 100:0, but more strikingly to Psalms 67:0, to which Thrupp considers it “the postexilic counterpart.” But, though least in size, it holds a distinguished rank in evangelical doctrine and anticipation. Delitzsch places it in the first class of Messianic psalms, as anticipating “the foreordained participation of the heathen in the promised salvation of Israel.” From the Hebrew standpoint the author contemplates, through Israel, the blessings that should come upon all nations, without, it would seem, any definite idea of the manner of its accomplishment, for the psalm is not prophetic, though it embraces a prophetic theme.

Verse 1

1. Nations… people Terms which, in the widest sense, comprehended the whole heathen world. The apostle quotes it literally “Praise the Lord all ye Gentiles, and laud him all ye people” as a proof that the gospel is to the Gentiles only a confirmation of the covenant promise made to Abraham. Romans 15:11. Compare Psalm 117:8, 9; Genesis 17:4-5; Genesis 22:18

Verse 2

2. Merciful… truth Two distinguishing attributes in their relation to God’s promise and covenant kingly qualities, (Proverbs 20:28,) specially remembered and extolled by the Hebrews in their deliverance from captivity. Psalms 85:10; Psalms 89:14.

Kindness is great toward us Literally, Mercy is mighty over us.

Truth… for ever Truth to eternity.

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