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  • Also called ESAIAS

  • Son of Amos
    Isaiah 1:1

  • Prophesies in the days of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah, kings of Judah
    Isaiah 1:1; 6:1; 7:1,3; 14:27; 20:1; 36:1; 38:1; 39:1

  • Prophecy at the time of the invasion by Tartan, of Assyria
    Isaiah 20:1

  • Symbolically wears sackcloth, and walks barefoot as a sign to Israel
    Isaiah 20:2,3

  • Comforts and encourages Hezekiah and the people during the siege of Jerusalem by Rab-shakeh
    2 Kings 18; 19; Isaiah 37:6,7

  • Comforts Hezekiah in his affliction
    2 Kings 20:1-11; Isaiah 38

  • Performs the miracle of the returning shadow to confirm Hezekiah's faith
    2 Kings 20:8-11

  • Reproves Hezekiah's folly in exhibiting his resources to the commissioners from Babylon
    2 Kings 20:12-19; Isaiah 39

  • Is the chronicler of the times of Uzziah and Hezekiah
    2 Chronicles 26:22; 32:32

    • Foretells punishment of the Jews for idolatry, and reproves self-confidence and distrust of God
      Isaiah 2:6-20
    • Foretells the destruction of the Jews
      Isaiah 3
    • Promises to the remnant restoration of divine favour
      Isaiah 4:2-6; 6
    • Delineates the ingratitude of the Jews in the parable of the vineyard, and reproves it
      Isaiah 5:1-10
    • Denounces existing corruptions
      Isaiah 5:8-30
    • Foretells the failure of the plot of the Israelites and Syrians against Judah
      Isaiah 7:1-16
    • Denounces calamities against Israel and Judah
      Isaiah 7:16-25; 9:2-6
    • Foretells prosperity under Hezekiah, and the manifestation of the Messiah
      Isaiah 9:1-7
    • Denounces vengeance upon the enemies of Israel
      Isaiah 9:8-12
    • Denounces the wickedness of Israel, and foretells the judgments of God
      Isaiah 9:13-21
    • Denounces judgments against false prophets
      Isaiah 10:1-4
    • Foretells the destruction of Sennacherib's armies
      Isaiah 10:5-34
    • The restoration of Israel and the triumph of the Messiah's kingdom
      Isaiah 11
    • The burden of Babylon
      Isaiah 13; 14:1-28
    • Denunciation against the Philistines
      Isaiah 14:9-32
    • Burden of Moab
      Isaiah 15; 16
    • Burden of Damascus
      Isaiah 17
    • An obscure prophecy, supposed by some authorities to be directed against the Assyrians, by others against the Egyptians, and by others against the Ethiopians
      Isaiah 18
    • The burden of Egypt
      Isaiah 19; 20
    • Denunciations against Babylon
      Isaiah 21:1-10
    • Prophecy concerning Seir
      Isaiah 21:11,12
    • Arabia
      Isaiah 21:13-17
    • Concerning the conquest of Jerusalem, the captivity of Shebna, and the promotion of Eliakim
      Isaiah 22:1-22
    • The overthrow of Tyre
      Isaiah 23
    • The judgments upon the land, but that a remnant of the Jews would be saved
      Isaiah 25; 26; 27
    • Reproves Ephraim for his wickedness, and fortells the destruction by Shalmaneser
      Isaiah 28:1-5
    • Declares the glory of God upon the remnant who are saved
      Isaiah 28:5,6
    • Exposes the corruptions in Jerusalem and exhorts to repentance
      Isaiah 28:7-29
    • Foretells the invasion of Sennacherib, the distress of the Jews, and the destruction of the Assyrian army
      Isaiah 29:1-8
    • Denounces the hypocrisy of the Jews
      Isaiah 29:9-17
    • Promises a reformation
      Isaiah 29:18-24
    • Reproves the people for their confidence in Egypt, and their contempt of God
      Isaiah 30:1-17; 31:1-6
    • Declares the goodness and longsuffering of God toward them
      Isaiah 30:18-26; 32; 33; 34; 35
    • Reproves the Jews for their spiritual blindness and infidelity
      Isaiah 42:18-25
    • Promises ultimate restoration of the Jews
      Isaiah 43:1-13
    • Foretells the ultimate destruction of Babylon
      Isaiah 43:14-17; 47
    • Exhorts the people to repent
      Isaiah 43:22-28
    • Comforts the Jewish community with promises, exposes the folly of idolatry, and their future deliverance from captivity by Cyrus
      Isaiah 44; 45:1-5; 48:20
    • Fortells the conversion of the Gentiles and the triumph of the gospel
      Isaiah 45:5-25
    • Denounces the evils of idolatry
      Isaiah 46
    • Reproves the Jews for their idolatries and other wickedness
      Isaiah 48
    • Exhorts to sanctification
      Isaiah 56:1-8
    • Foretells calamities to Judah
      Isaiah 59:9-12; 57; 58; 59
    • Foreshadows the person and the kingdom of the Messiah
      Isaiah 32

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These files are public domain and are a derivative of an electronic edition that is available in the Bible Foundation e-text Library.

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Nave, Orville J. Entry for 'Isaiah'. Nave's Topical Bible. 1896.

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