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Zebulun, the Tribe of

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  • Descended from Jacob's sixth son
    Genesis 30:19,20

  • Predictions respecting
    Genesis 49:13; Deuteronomy 33:18,19

    • To number the people
      Numbers 1:9
    • To spy out the land
      Numbers 13:10
    • To divide the land
      Numbers 34:25

  • Strength of, on leaving Egypt
    Numbers 1:30,31

  • Formed the rear of the first division of the army of Israel In its journeys
    Numbers 10:14,16

  • Encamped under the standard of Judah, east of the tabernacle
    Numbers 2:3,7

  • Offering of, at the dedication
    Numbers 7:24-29

  • Families of
    Numbers 26:26,27

  • Strength of, on entering Canaan
    Numbers 26:27

  • On Ebal said amen to the curses
    Deuteronomy 27:13

  • A naval and commercial people
    Genesis 49:13

  • Furnished scribes or writers to Israel
    Judges 5:14

  • Bounds of their inheritance
    Joshua 19:10-16

  • Unable to drive out the Canaanites from their cities, but Made them tributary
    Judges 1:30

  • Praised for assisting Deborah and Barak in opposing Sisera
    Judges 5:14,18; 4:10

  • Aided Gideon against the army of the Midianites
    Judges 6:35

  • Furnished a judge to Israel
    Judges 12:11,12

  • Some of, at David's coronation
    1 Chronicles 12:33

  • Officer appointed over by David
    1 Chronicles 27:19

  • Only some of, assisted in Hezekiah's reformation
    2 Chronicles 30:10,11,18

  • Country of, blessed with the presence and instruction of Christ
    Isaiah 9:1; Matthew 4:13-15

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