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Plural CHERUBIM, an order of celestial beings or symbolical representations often referred to in the Old Testament and in the book of Revelation. The cherubim are variously represented as living creatures, Ezekiel 1:1-28 Revelation 4:1-11; or as images wrought in tapestry, gold, or wood, Exodus 36:35 37:7 Ezekiel 41:25; as having one, two, or four faces, Exodus 25:20 Ezekiel 10:14 41:18; as having two, four, or six wings, 1 Kings 6:27 Ezekiel 1:6 Revelation 4:8; in the simplest form, as in the golden figures above the ark of the covenant; or in the most complex and sublime form, as in Ezekiel's wonderful visions of the glory of God-discerning and ruling all things, and executing irresistibly and with the speed of thought all his wise and just decrees, Ezekiel 1:1-28 10:1-22 . The fullest of these descriptions represents the cherub as a winged figure, like a man in form, full of eyes, and with a fourfold head-of a man, a lion, an ox, and an eagle-with wheels turning every way, and speed like the lightning; presenting the highest earthly forms and powers of creation in harmonious and perfect union, Ezekiel 1:1-28 10:1-22 Revelation 1:4-11 . Usually also the cherubim stand in a special nearness to God; they are engaged in the loftiest adoration and service, moving in instant accordance with his will, Psalm 18:10 Ezekiel 1:26 10:20 Revelation 4:1-11; they are seen in the temple inseparably associated with the mercy-seat-made of the same mass of pure gold, Exodus 25:19 , bending reverently over the place of God's presence, Psalm 99:1 , where he met his people, Numbers 7:89 , accepted the blood of atonement, Leviticus 16:14-16 , and shone forth as their Savior, Psalm 80:1 .

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