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Deceptive arts and charms practiced by designing men, and classed in the Bible with sorcery, magic, divination, witchcraft, and necromancy, or professed communication with departed spirits. All these are expressly forbidden and denounced in Scripture, Exodus 22:18 Leviticus 19:26 20:27 Deuteronomy 18:10,11 . The pretended power and skill of enchanters was ascribed to infernal agency, and the art was essentially hostile to true religion. Their seeming wonders were usually wrought by juggling tricks or sleight of hand, or by mysteries of science, known to but few. The magicians of Egypt are said to have done several things "with their enchantments," Exodus 7:1-9:29 Acts 19:19 .

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Rand, W. W. Entry for 'Enchantments'. American Tract Society Bible Dictionary. 1859.

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