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A country in the north of Africa, stretching along on the Mediterranean between Egypt and Carthage, and running back somewhat into the interior. The part adjoining Egypt was sometimes called Libya Marmarica; and that around Cyrene, Cyrenaica, from its chief city; or Pentapolitana, from its chief city; or Pentapolitana, from its five cities, Cyrene, Apollonia, Berenice, Arsinoe, and Ptolemais. In these cities great numbers of Jews dwelt in the time of Christ; and they, with their Libyan proselytes, resorted to Jerusalem to worship, Acts 2:10 . Libya received its name from the Lehabim of Lubim, Genesis 10:13; a warlike people, who assisted Shishak king of Egypt, and Zerah the Ethiopian, in their wars against Judea, 2 Chronicles 12:3 14:9 16:8 Daniel 11:43 . They were also allies of ancient Thebes, Nahum 3:9 . Compare Jeremiah 46:9 Ezekiel 30:5 . Libya fell at length under the power of Carthage; and subsequently, of the Greeks, Romans, Saracens, and Turks.

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