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Ornaments for the ears, nose, legs, arms, or fingers. The antiquity of rings appears from Scripture and from profane authors. Judah left his ring with Tamar, Genesis 1:1-50:26 38:18 . When Pharaoh committed the government of Egypt to Joseph, he gave him his ring from his finger, Genesis 41:42 . After the victory of the Israelites over the Midianites, they offered to the Lord the rings, the bracelets, and the golden necklaces taken from the enemy. Numbers 31:50 . The Israelitish women wore rings, not only on their fingers, but also in their nostrils and their ears, and on their ankles. See BRACELETS. James distinguishes a man of wealth and dignity by the ring of gold on his finger, James 2:2 . At the return of the prodigal son, his father ordered a handsome apparel for his dress, and that a ring should be put on his finger, Luke 15:22 .

The ring was used chiefly as a signet to seal with, and Scripture generally assigns it to princes and great persons; as the king of Egypt, Joseph, Ahaz, Jezebel, king Ahasuerus, his favorite Haman, Mordecai, king Darius, etc.,

1 Kings 21:8 Esther 3:10 Jeremiah 22:24 Daniel 6:17 . The patents and orders of these princes were sealed with their rings or signets, an impression from which was their confirmation. See SEAL, SEALING .

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