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Were very frequent in the deserts of Arabia, Job 37:9 38:1 Nahum 1:3 , and travelers in the East have encountered many. Most of them are not formidable, Isaiah 17:13; but one now and then occurs, sudden, swift, and awful in its devastating course; houses and trees are no obstruction in its way, and the traveler is buried alive under the pillar of sand it raises and bears along, like a water-spout at sea, Job 1:19 Isaiah 21:1 . The sudden and resistless judgments of God are well compared to whirlwinds, Psalm 58:9 Proverbs 1:27 Isaiah 66:15 . One of the Hebrew words thus translated sometimes denotes only a powerful and tempestuous gust of wind, Jeremiah 23:19 30:23 Zechariah 9:14 . See WINDS .

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