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Worship of God

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Both spiritual and visible, private and public, by individuals, families, and communities, is not only a self-evident duty for all who believe in God, but is abundantly commanded in his word. See PRAYER .

The stated assembling of all people for united worship on the Sabbath, in continuance of the temple and synagogue services enjoined by God and practiced by Christ, is most manifest duty. The very name church, meaning assembly, implies it; and the preaching of the gospel, the great means for promoting Christianity, requires it. The directions of Paul, not to forsake the "assembling of ourselves together," to read his epistles "in all the churches," and to join in "psalms and hymns and spiritual songs," and his rules for securing the highest spiritual edification of all when they came together in the church, all indicate the established law of Christianity.

"Worship" is sometimes used of the form of homage paid by subjects to kings, or of honor to one held entitled to it, Daniel 2:46 Luke 14:10 . In the East, this is still often rendered by prostrating the body and touching the forehead to the ground, Genesis 33:3 Matthew 18:26 .

"Will-worship," Colossians 2:23 , is a term descriptive of such forms of adoration and service as are not prescribed in God's word, but are offensive in his sight. Such are the masses and penances of Popery.

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