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A temper of mind not easily provoked to resentment. In the Greek language it is quasi, facilis, sasiness of spirit, and thus it may be justly called; for it accommodates the soul to every occurrence, and so makes a man easy to himself, and to all about him. The Latins call a meek man mansuetus, qu. manu assuetus, used to the hand; which alludes to the taming and reclaiming of creatures wild by nature, and bringing them to be tractable and familiar, James 3:7-8 : so where the grace of meekness reigns, it subdues the impetuous disposition, and learns it submission and forgiveness. It teaches us to govern our own anger whenever we are at any time provoked, and patiently to bear the anger of others, that it may not be a provocation to us. The former is its office, especially in superiors; the latter in inferiors, and both in equals, James 3:13 .

The excellency of such a spirit appears, if we consider that it enables us to gain a victory over corrupt nature, Proverbs 16:32; that it is a beauty and an ornament to human beings, 1 Peter 3:4; that it is obedience to God's word, and conformity to the best patterns, Ephesians 5:1-2 . Philippians 4:8 . It is productive of the highest peace to the possessor, Luke 21:19 . Matthew 11:28-29 . It fits us for any duty, instruction, relation, condition, or persecution, Philippians 4:11-12 . To obtain this spirit, consider that it is a divine injunction, Zephaniah 2:3 . Colossians 3:12 . 1 Timothy 6:11 . Observe the many examples of it; Jesus Christ, Matthew 11:28; Abraham, Genesis 13:1-18 : Genesis 16:5-6; Moses, Numb. 12: 3; David, Zeck. xiil 8. 2 Samuel 16:10; 2 Samuel 16:12 . Psalms 131:2; Paul, 1 Corinthians 9:19 . How lovely a spirit it is in itself, and how it secures us from a variety of evils. That peculiar promises are made to such, Matthew 5:5 . Is. 66: 2. That such give evidence of their being under the influence of divine grace, and shall enjoy the divine blessing, Is. 57: 15.

See Henry on Meekness; Dunlop's Ser. vol. 2: p. 343; Evan's Ser. on the Christian Temper, ser. 29; Tillotson on 1 Peter 2:21; and on Matthew 5:44; Logan's Sermons. vol. 1: ser. 10; and Jortin's Sermons, ser. 11, vol. 3:

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