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Obed Edom

Fausset's Bible Dictionary

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1. 2 Samuel 6:11. (On his title "the Gittite".) Gath-rimmon was a city of the Levite Kohathites in Dan (Joshua 21:24). He was a Kohathite and distinguished by his title "Gittite" from Obed Edom, son of Jeduthun, a Merarite (1 Chronicles 16:38). (See GITTITE.) Lived near Perez Uzzah, on the way from Kirjath Jearim to Jerusalem. After Uzzah's stroke David in fear took the ark aside to the house of Obed Edom. Instead of the Levites bearing the ark (as was commanded, Numbers 7:9), David had put it in a cart, in the Philistine fashion (1 Samuel 6:8). His turning aside from the direct way to go to Obed Edom's house is accounted for by his sudden fear owing to the punishment of Uzzah's presumption; he goes to a Kohathite Levite, one of the family especially appointed to bear the ark on their shoulders, and deposits the ark with him, conscious that he himself might have been punished for irregularity.

Accordingly, in 1 Chronicles 15 we find the ark was no longer taken in a cart, but borne on the Levites' shoulders, with Obed Edom "a doorkeeper for the ark," and it is emphatically said it was "as Moses commanded, according to the word of Jehovah" (1 Chronicles 15:15; 1 Chronicles 15:18; 1 Chronicles 15:24). The minute propriety of these details establishes the truthfulness of the narrative of the divine visitation on Uzzah. The Lord blessed Obed Edom and all his household in consequence during its three months' stay with him; so David brought it up front Obed Edom's house with joy. While the ark brought a plague every one was glad to be rid of it; but when it brought a blessing to Obed Edom, they wished for it. Many will own a blessing ark; he is an Obed Edom indeed that will own a persecuted, tossed, banished ark (Trapp). "God blessed him" with eight sons who were temple porters (1 Chronicles 26:1-5; 1 Chronicles 26:8).

Obed Edom and his sons guarded the S. temple gate and the house Αsuppim , i.e. "of gatherings", a store of the temple goods near the S. gate in the outer court (1 Chronicles 26:15). Obed Edom was doorkeeper for the ark (1 Chronicles 15:24). Those whom the Lord hath blessed, and who have received God's ark into their home and heart, are best fitted to serve in the sanctuary and to open the kingdom of heaven ministerially. The site of his house is still pointed out, a very green plateau, Κuryet es saideh "the abode of the blessed," on the way from Kirjath Jearim to Jerusalem, a little beyond Khirbet el Uz (Perez Uzzah). In 1 Chronicles 16:38 Obed Edom the singer appears distinct from Obed Edom the "porter" or gatekeeper (1 Chronicles 16:4-5; 1 Chronicles 16:38). Obed Edom and his colleagues could not possibly at the same time as porters precede, and as singers come after, the priests and the ark.

2. (See OBED EDOM (1).) A Merarite Levite of the second degree (1 Chronicles 16:38).

3. A Levite in Amaziah's time, having charge of the vessels of God's house, taken captive with the king by Joash king of Israel at Bethshemesh battle (2 Chronicles 25:23-24). Probably sprung from "Obed Edom the Gittite." The blessed of the Lord shall dwell in the Lord's house forever.

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