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(beh thyoo' ehl) Place name and personal name meaning, “house of God.” 1. Nephew of Abraham and son of Nahor (Genesis 22:22 ). His daughter Rebekah married Isaac (Genesis 24:15 ,Genesis 24:15,24:67 ). He was an Aramean or Syrian from Padan-aram (Genesis 25:20 ). His relationship to Rebekah's brother Laban (Genesis 24:29 ) is not clear, since Laban takes the chief role protecting Rebekah (Genesis 24:55; Genesis 27:43 ), and Nahor is Laban's father (Genesis 29:5 ). Genesis 28:5 says Laban was the son of Bethuel. Nahor was actually Bethuel's father ( Genesis 22:22-23 ). 2 . A town where the children of Shimei lived (1 Chronicles 4:30 ). Joshua 19:4 apparently reads the same town as Bethul. It may be modern khirbet el-Qarjeten, three miles north of tell Arad.

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