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(jih hoy' uh duh) Personal name meaning, “Yahweh knows” or “Yahweh concerns Himself for.” 1. Priest who led the coup in which Queen Athaliah, who had usurped the throne of Judah, was slain and Joash (Jehoash), the legitimate heir to the monarchy, was enthroned (2 Kings 11:4 ). At the time, Joash was a child of seven, and Jehoiada evidently acted as regent for a number of years. Jehoiada's role was positive and beneficial; he influenced the young king to restore the Temple. The death of Jehoiada marked a precipitous decline in the king's goodness and faithfulness to the Lord (2 Chronicles 22-24 ). See 2 Chronicles 22-24; 2 Chronicles 22-24; 2 Chronicles 22-24 . 2 . Father of Benaiah, David's military leader (2 Samuel 8:18 ) apparently from Kabzeel (2 Samuel 23:20 ). This Jehoiada was apparently a Levite and military leader for David at Hebron (2 Chronicles 12:27 ). 3 . Leading priest in the time of Jeremiah preceding Zephaniah (Jeremiah 29:25-26 ).

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