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(jeh hoh' vuh-tssihd kee' nyoo) Hebrew name meaning “The Lord [is] our righteousness” (Jeremiah 23:6; Jeremiah 33:16 , margin). See Yahmeh. The name is applied to a future Davidic king who would lead his people to do what is right and thus bring peace (Jeremiah 23:6 ) and to the restored city of Jerusalem (Jeremiah 33:16 ). The name is possibly a play on the name of Zedekiah (“Righteous [is] the Lord”) who reigned from 597 to 587 B.C..

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Butler, Trent C. Editor. Entry for 'Jehovah-Tsidkenu'. Holman Bible Dictionary.​dictionaries/​eng/​hbd/​j/jehovah-tsidkenu.html. 1991.