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(kee' rih ahth-hehz rahn) Place name representing one or perhaps two cities. KJV takes the Hebrew to refer to two cities in Joshua 15:25 —thus, Kerioth and Hezron. Some scholars still follow this. If this is a reference to two cities, Kerioth would be identified with the Kerioth of Jeremiah 48:24; Amos 2:2 See Kerioth . Hezron would be identified with the city of Hazor mentioned in Joshua 15:23 , a city in the south of Judah near Kadesh-barnea (Joshua 15:3 ). See Hazor . Many scholars, however, take Kerioth-Hezron to refer to a village of Judah in the Negev district of Beersheba and identify it with modern khirbet el-Qaryatein, about four miles south of Maon.

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