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1. In military affairs, the soldiers united under the command of a captain a subdivision of a regiment, consisting usually of a number from 60 to 100 men. But the number is indefinite.
2. Any assemblage of persons a collection of men, or other animals, in a very indefinite sense. It may be applied to a small number, or any multitude whatever as in scripture we read of a company of priests, a company of prophets, and an innumerable company of angels also, a company of horses.
3. An assemblage of persons for entertainment or festivity a party collected by invitation or otherwise.
4. Persons that associate with others for conversation or pleasure society as, let your children keep good company.
5. The state of being a companion the act of accompanying fellowship society.

I will keep thee company.

We cannot enjoy the company of licentious men.

6. A number of persons untied for the same purpose, or in a joint concern as a company of merchants or mechanics a company of players. The word is applicable to private partnerships or to incorporated bodies of men. Hence it may signify a firm, house or partnership or a corporation, as the East India Company, a banking or insurance company.
7. The crew of a ship, including the officers also, a fleet.

To bear company, to accompany to attend to go with denoting a temporary association.

His faithful dog shall bear him company.

To keep company, to accompany to attend also, to associate with frequently or habitually hence, to frequent public houses. Proverbs 29 .

COMPANY, To accompany to attend to go with to be companion to.


1. To associate with to frequent the company of.

I wrote you not to company with fornicators. 1 Corinthians 5 .

2. To be a gay companion.
3. To have commerce with the other sex.

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