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We read (Genesis 10:30) of an antient mount in the east called Sephar—and it is probable that the Sepharvaims were of this land; but from whence the name is, it is difficult to say. Sepher means book, or scribe; but we know of no writings or books before Moses. When Shalmeneser, king of Assyria, had besieged Samaria, and carried away the children of Israel captive, we are told that he brought men from Sepharvaim and other places, and put them in Samaria. (See 2 Kings 17:24) But what is most worthy our notice is, that in the Lord's displeasure with Israel he should not only cause his people to be led into captivity, but Samaria to be inhabited by idolaters. Those Sepharvites, We are told, burnt their children in the fire to their dunghill idol. (See 2 Kings 17:24-41, which is an interesting record.)

I hope the reader will, make a suitable application from this affecting account. The Lord hath promised that his church, which is founded upon a rock, shall never be removed, neither shall the gates of hell prevail against it; but he hath no where promised that that church shall be confined to any nation or kingdom. The golden candlestick is a moveable furniture in the Lord's house; and the Lord hath said to a sinful land that he will "come unto it quickly, and remove their candlestick out of his place." The Lord Jesus said this to the once flourishing church of Ephesus; and the Lord fulfilled the awful threatening. For where is now that church? yea, where are now the seven flourishing, churches of Asia? Alas! there is not a vestige of either remaining. And they are now the huts of a few miserable fishermen the ignorant followers of Mahometan superstition. (Revelation 2:1-29 and Revelation 3:1-22 throughout.) Oh, that the Lord may raise up a praying seed to wrestle with him night and day for our sinful land!

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