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Giants. (men of extraordinary size or height).

1. They are first spoken of in Genesis 6:4, under the name Nephilim. We are told in Genesis 6:1-4, that "there were Nephilim in the earth," and that, afterwards, the "sons of God" mingling with the beautiful "daughters of men" produced a race of violent and insolent Gibborim (Authorized Version, "mighty men").

2. The Rephalim, a name which frequently occurs. The earliest mention of them is the record of their defeat, by Chedorlaomer and some allied kings, at Ashteroth Karnaim. The "valley of Rephaim," 2 Samuel 5:18; 1 Chronicles 11:15; Isaiah 17:5, a rich valley southwest of Jerusalem, derived its name from them. They were probably an aboriginal people of which the Anakim, Emims and Zuzim, The were branches. See also Goliath. See Anakim; Emims; Zuzim, The.

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