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Psalm 17:8 (b) The psalmist compares himself, in regard to his need for protection, to an eye in the head. He feels that he must be well sheltered by the Lord in order to keep from being hurt by the people.

Psalm 32:8 (a) The Lord promises to direct His children by His look. Of course, His child must keep looking into His face in order to learn what His eye expresses. This is done by prayer and Bible study.

Ecclesiastes 1:8 (b) This is typical of the failure of things of earth to satisfy the craving of the heart.

Lamentations 2:18 (a) This represents a call for all Israel to weep bitterly and constantly about their sins, showing a spirit of repentance and a desire to return to GOD.

Lamentations 3:51 (b) What we see certainly affects our desires and our actions. As we gaze upon CHRIST JESUS we desire to be like Him, and we purpose to live for Him. We purchase clothing because we see, and it appeals to us. We purchase a house because we see, and It meets our desires. In our early days we see a companion and he or she attracts our heart's affections and we marry that person. So the eye affects the heart. Let us therefore look unto JESUS.

Ezekiel 1:18 (b) These eyes probably represent the omniscience of the Spirit of GOD. When it is written that there are seven "eyes" it no doubt means that there is perfect vision and understanding on the part of this wonderful Person. (See also Ezekiel 10:12).

Daniel 7:8 (a) This probably is a figure of the unusual vision and knowledge of this king. It may represent some great world power, whether religious or political, whose spies are everywhere, learning the secrets of nations, of clubs, or associations, to use for the profit of this cruel ruler. This truth is indicated in verse Daniel 7:7. (See also Daniel 7:20).

Zechariah 2:8 (a) This term is used to express the great value of Israel to GOD. If anyone touched His people to persecute or injure them, He felt it keenly and would come to their rescue.

Zechariah 3:9 (b) The stone represents the Lord JESUS CHRIST. The seven eyes represent the person of the Holy Spirit in His omniscience. CHRIST was fully Spirit-filled, Spirit-led, Spirit- guided. The seven eyes represent the perfections of the Spirit of GOD, all of which perfections were manifest in CHRIST JESUS. (See also Revelation 5:6).

Zechariah 11:17 (a) This is figurative of the removal of power and of vision from false leaders. When GOD arises to execute vengeance, He will strip from His enemies their power of vision and strength.

Matthew 5:29 (a) It is an actual eye but figuratively it means that if we are so intent an seeing things we should not see that we cannot and will not trust the Saviour, then it is better to have the eye removed so that the soul may not be hindered in following the Lord fully.

Matthew 6:22 (b) The Lord is telling us that we are to look straight forward and have an eye "single for His glory." We are to look off from every other attraction to JESUS only. Our eyes affect our hearts, therefore we are to let only those things enter our minds and hearts through the eye gate that will bring glory to GOD and blessing to us.

Matthew 7:4 (a) This is typical of the little things in the life of the other person which we may see and dislike while we at the same time overlook the big things which are wrong in our own lives.

Ephesians 1:18 (a) It is typical of our inability to understand and to grasp spiritual truths offered to us from GOD, unless the Lord explains and teaches us.

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