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Job 23:10 (a) Job is in this way describing the severity and yet the value of the sufferings through which he was passing. He is telling us that these sufferings are like the fire in the furnace that refines the gold to remove the dross. He expects that the sufferings, sorrows, pain and disappointments will remove from him any wickedness that might be there, any evil ways, anything that displeases GOD, and he would emerge from this time of trial more pure and more godly than he had ever been before. (See Proverbs 17:3; Proverbs 27:21).

Psalm 19:10 (a) This figure indicates that the precious truths of the Bible are more valuable, more useful and more to be desired than the finest metal that earth can produce.

Psalm 45:13 (b) This type is used to describe the righteous acts of the people of GOD. Their deeds are compared to garments made of golden threads woven together through the life by kind words and godly deeds.

Psalm 68:13 (a) This figure indicates that the people had been living in a dirty, filthy way in their sins, but now had been redeemed from that kind of life, and were living beautiful lives, attractive in every way both to GOD and to man.

Proverbs 11:22 (a) By this type we learn the lesson that ungodly actions in the life of a beautiful woman are as inconsistent as to see a jeweled ornament placed in the snout of a pig. The same thought is expressed in a different way in Ecclesiastes 10:1.

Proverbs 25:11 (b) By this figure we learn of the great value of words that are well spoken and timely. They have a beautiful effect upon the soul.

Isaiah 13:12 (a) Gold adorns, but CHRIST adorns much greater.

Gold buys one's way into earthly places but CHRIST brings one into the throne room of Heaven.

Gold meets the requirements of this life but CHRIST equips for the eternal life.

Gold settles quarrels between men but CHRIST settles the quarrel between GOD and man.

Gold saves the life from many discomforts, but CHRIST saves the life from eternal loss.

The man in the passage is the Lord JESUS. He is better than gold which is used as a standard far purity on the earth.

Lamentations 4:1 (a) In this way the Lord describes the departing of the glory of Israel. During the reign of Solomon the glory of Israel reached its highest point. Afterward, because of the evils which crept in, and the idolatry which abounded, the glory, position power and wealth gradually disappeared. We should notice that the expression is "the gold is become dim." The gold has not entirely disappeared, it has not been completely abolished. It is rising again to shine with even greater glory when CHRIST JESUS, the Messiah, returns.

Ezekiel 16:13 (a) We learn from this that Israel was made wealthy, beautiful, great and powerful by the hand of GOD who gave to them liberally of the blessings of Heaven and earth.

Daniel 2:38 (a) The King of Babylon is described by this figure because of his great wealth and his world-wide power. All the other kingdoms were inferior in wealth and power to his kingdom. He was the supreme ruler of the earth. He was so flattered by being given this position that he decided he should be better than all the rest of the kingdoms, and so in the next chapter, Daniel 3:1, he made an image that was all of gold. He felt it was humiliating to him to be only the head of gold. This egotistical pride came to an end when he was made to eat grass like the cattle. GOD revealed to him that in the sight of the Lord he was neither the head of gold, nor the rest of the body of gold.

Zechariah 4:2-6 (a) This candlestick is a type of the Holy Spirit, both beautiful, useful, valuable and enlightening. He is the author of the light that comes from Heaven through the Lord JESUS CHRIST. He reveals the truth about ourselves, and the truth about the Saviour.

1 Corinthians 3:12 (a) The deeds which are done by Christians for the glory of GOD, and the blessing of men are compared to this precious metal. Much of our service is of little or no value to GOD. It is the desire of our Lord that our works should have His approval, and should be actuated and activated by the Holy Spirit.

2 Timothy 2:20 (a) All kinds of vessels are necessary in the house of GOD. Some are very fancy, delicate, expensive, and more ornamental than useful. Such is the beautiful vase that adorns the mantel in the parlor. It represents the attractive gold, cut glass or ornamental pieces that beautify the parlor of the home. There are other vessels, however, which are called vessels of dishonor. These are the kitchen utensils, the skillet, the pans, the coffee pot. Most folks would like to be the golden ornament in the parlor, but those in the kitchen are more useful. The purging from "these" is not purging the golden vessels from the kitchen vessels, it refers to purging oneself from the evils mentioned in the previous part of the chapter. If one does this, then the Lord can use him wherever He wishes, perhaps in the parlor, or perhaps in the kitchen. He will be subject to the will of his Lord.

Hebrews 9:4 (b) Probably the precious metal is used in this Scripture as well as in Exodus to describe the Deity of CHRIST, and His divine character. As Moses' ark was covered both within and without by the golden plates, so CHRIST JESUS was pure holiness in His outward actions, and in His inward being, in His private life and in His public actions. He was sinless, holy, pure and divine. There were no shadows in His life.

Revelation 3:18 (a) Those invaluable graces which we may receive from the Lord are compared to this precious metal. These blessings from Heaven enrich the life on earth, and will enrich the soul for eternity.

Revelation 5:8 (a) The value of the prayers of GOD's people is revealed by the use of this type. It is as though when the prayers of the Christians ascend to GOD, He places them in these golden vessels because they are as valuable and fragrant to Him as perfume is fragrant to us.

Revelation 9:7 (b) The locust probably represents men filled with evil spirits and who are given authority as kings and rulers to oppress their fellowmen. Perhaps it may be done in the name of religion. This may be the thought in making the crowns of gold.

Revelation 15:7 (b) The value of the wrath of GOD may be understood by the fact that His wrath is in these priceless vases. Only valuable things would be put in such a valuable vessel. We elect judges in order that they may punish the evil doer. We value the service of that judge who brings the vengeance of the law upon the lawbreaker. We do not expect the judge to set the lawbreaker free.

Revelation 17:4 (b) The false woman represents and is a type of the great world-wide religious system, that denies the truths of the Gospel, and substitutes for GOD's Word the traditions of men, the teachings of religious leaders, and gaudy presentations that appeal to the eye and the ear. Because this great apostate group controls almost unlimited wealth, they offer to the world a false peace which invites their confidence and seals their doom for eternity. All of this display of wealth, power and beauty is covered by the figure of gold. She appears to be the genuine church of GOD by her protestations, but actually she is "the habitation of demons, the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird."

Revelation 18:2 She holds out to the world the promise of forgiveness, absolution, and a method of cleansing, all of which are represented by the type of "a golden cup."

Revelation 18:16 (b) The great false religious group called Babylon in the previous chapter and under the type of a "woman" is represented in this chapter as a city because of her tremendous commercial activities. She buys and sells by the millions of dollars in constructing and equipping great cathedrals, schools, convents, palaces, art galleries, museums, etc. This entices the merchants of the earth to seek her favor because of the remuneration to be gained. Thus this great church seems to be a golden source of profit. We should notice that in verse13this city trades in the bodies and the souls of men.

Revelation 21:15 (a) The measuring reed is represented as being golden to remind us - and to assure us that all of GOD's measurements and weights and decisions are without stain of sin, without deceit, and without misrepresentation.

Revelation 21:18-21 (b) The city of GOD which is represented by the figure of "pure gold" is in contrast with the false city, the false religious empire built up by Satanic power, and which pretends to be gold, but is really only "gilded with gold." No one should be deceived by this golden appearance. We should ascertain what lies beneath and composes the real body of that which appears to be golden.

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