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Olive (Tree)

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Judges 9:8 (b) In this parable probably this tree represents some delightful, refreshing person who might be called to be the leader of the people. You will note that other trees represent other kinds of people in this same parable.

Isaiah 17:6 (c) Perhaps this represents the fact that Damascus would not be completely destroyed, but that some families would remain and the city would continue to be a city. This certainly has been the case.

Hosea 14:6 (b) Here we see a picture of Israel restored to her place of prominence and power with the land healed, the rains falling on rich pastures, and the glory of all lands again seen in Palestine.

Zechariah 4:3 (a) Plainly the passage indicates that these two olive trees are types of the Holy Spirit of GOD and the Word of GOD. The Spirit has, in Himself, might on the one hand, and power on the other. He is able to move mountains out of the life of the believer. Might refers to inward ability. Power refers to outside influence. The Spirit needs neither one. He is able in Himself to give the victory to the believer, and He does it. Some think that these two trees represent Moses and Elijah, Moses the lawgiver, and Elijah the grace giver. Others think that these two trees represent two angelic beings, who stand guard over the believer to protect and preserve him, and make him a radiant conqueror.

Romans 11:17 (a) This represents GOD's plan, purpose and program which began with Israel and which continues all through the church. Israel was in that plan as a green tree, and after Pentecost the Gentiles were brought into that same plan.

All are saved by grace.

All are redeemed by the Blood.

All are dependent entirely upon the Lord JESUS for salvation and redemption.

The olive tree represents Israel from a religious aspect, while the fig tree represents Israel from the political aspect. The Lord did not curse an olive tree, for the religion of Israel had GOD's approval. He did curse the political Israel as a nation and scatter them over the world. It is the fig tree that buds, and is a type of the restoration of Israel from the political standpoint.

Revelation 11:4 (a) The two olive trees in this passage certainly represent the two witnesses. Just who they are we do not know. Most Bible students think they are Moses and Elijah who return to this earth in person with a message from GOD, and are persecuted. (See Zechariah 4:3-6).

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