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Psalm 1:3 (a) The Holy Spirit is thus described. The child of GOD is planted in the soil for security, close by the water (the river), for inspiration, for refreshing and for the abundant life. (See also Jeremiah 17:8). The river is the Holy Spirit.

Psalm 36:8 (a) The blessings of GOD are so abundant, so liberal and so great that no other figure could properly express the value of them. The things that please GOD are revealed to us in His Word. We enter into those pleasures, and our joy is full.

Psalm 46:4 (b) This type represents the gracious ministry of the Holy Spirit in all His various activities. He brings joy and life more abundant wherever His ministry is given.

Psalm 107:33 (a) This passage is reminding us of the fact that GOD is able to turn blessings into curses. He tells us this very plainly in Malachi 2:2.

Isaiah 32:2 (a) In this beautiful way the Lord is telling us of the tremendous and constant blessings which flow to the soul from the living CHRIST on the Throne. There is no measuring of His goodness toward us. There is no limit to the supply. (See also Isaiah 33:21; Isaiah 41:18).

Isaiah 43:2 (a) Here we see a type of the great volume and avalanche of sorrow and trouble that sometimes overtakes GOD's people. The sorrows like sea billows roll. The flood of adversity overwhelms the heart. Then our Lord promises that we will not be submerged by it. He will preserve us and keep us always.

Isaiah 43:19 (a) This beautiful promise of our Lord is to inform us that He has an abundance of remedies for all of our barrenness and fruitlessness. He wants us to take advantage of His rich provisions for our lives, so that we will not be barren nor unfruitful. (See2Pe 1:8).

Ezekiel 47:5 (b) This is a type of the Holy Spirit issuing out from the door, which is CHRIST, and coming to the ankles, affecting our walk, then to the knees, affecting our prayer life and devotion, then to the loins, affecting our service, and then enveloping us completely so that we are wholly baptized into Him and He completely controls all of us. Where this river flows, there will be life more abundant. Fishermen will be there fishing for souls and there will be a great multitude of fish to be caught or souls to be saved. Also the salt places will be healed and there will be sweet and blessed experiences among GOD's people.

John 7:38 (a) Here is a type which represents the gracious spiritual ministry of those who drink in the Holy Spirit, make Him their Lord, and expect Him to fill the life.

Revelation 22:1 (b) It is quite evident that this river represents the fullness of the rich blessings of GOD revealed in the fulfillment of His Word as it is ministered to the souls of the saved. It tells of refreshing, of life-giving power, of constant supply, and of sweet fruitfulness. All of these are enjoyed to the full when we are in Heaven.

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