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Exodus 4:4 (c) Probably this is an emblem of that which becomes useful to GOD when it is in the hand of GOD's servant, although it might have been injurious before being turned over to the Lord. The Lord has a way of turning liabilities into assets.

Numbers 17:2 (a) This is an emblem of authority from GOD. It was a sign and proof to all Israel that Aaron was his chosen high priest to lead the people in their worship, and was His chosen mediator between Himself and the people of Israel. When it budded in the tabernacle, and the others did not, He was showing Israel that He rejected the claims of Korah, Dothan and Abiram, and all others who assumed the place of leadership. He was also revealing the fact that He could take any old dead "stick," bring it into His presence, and change that person into a beautiful and fruitful Christian.

Psalm 2:9 (a) This is a type that reveals GOD's resistless power. It is unbending, it is irresistible, and will crush all the enemies of our Lord CHRIST. (See also Psalm 110:2).

Psalm 23:4 (b) This is probably a symbol of the powerful punishment which our Lord will exercise against the enemies of His children. The rod was for the wild animals, while the staff was for the sheep.

Psalm 125:3 (b) This type represents the evil powers of wicked men, and we are assured by the Lord that they shall not be able to conquer nor overcome GOD's people.

Proverbs 14:3 (a) It seems as though pride acts as an injurious influence both for the owner and for those who are hurt by it. It is not a blessing.

Jeremiah 1:11 (a) We may understand from this type that it represents a condition that had not yet developed. It refers to GOD's wrath which would come into full force as the slip of the tree would yet bear fruit.

Jeremiah 10:16 (a) By means of Israel the Lord would get praise, honor and worship through their ministrations and activities. By means of them He would whip many other nations. At times they were quite unfruitful, and not beautiful. Afterward they would be both fruitful and delightful.

Jeremiah 48:17 (a) At one time Moab was a very strong and vigorous nation. However, they opposed GOD, and GOD's people Israel, so that the prophecy is that they were to be destroyed.

Lamentations 3:1 (a) Sometimes this is called "a rod iron." Jeremiah had seen GOD punish Israel terribly, and because of his love for Israel he suffered with them.

Ezekiel 7:10 (a) This probably describes the great wickedness of Israel in their pride and self- sufficiency, thinking they could live without GOD, and could prosper under idolatrous rule. Certain it is that GOD's wrath had been dormant, but is blossoming out against Israel. In verse11, the enemy is no longer dormant. He, too, has become active.

Ezekiel 19:14 (a) In this lamentation we are told that there is no leader among the people of GOD who is worthy to rule. All the leaders have been defeated and have gone astray, and bring forth no fruit under GOD.

Ezekiel 20:37 (a) As sheep enter the sheepfold through the gate, and are counted under the rod as they enter, so GOD will look after each one of His people, and none of those who are His own sheep will ever be overlooked.

Ezekiel 21:10 (c) It may be that the meaning of it is that GOD's wrath will not be hindered by the power of the rulers of Israel. The nation of Israel is called "His son." (See Isaiah 45:11).

Micah 6:9 (b) Here we see a type of the whipping, the punishment and the chastisement which may come upon the child of GOD. He should pay attention to it, and learn lessons from it. It is probably another way of expressing the truth in Hebrews 12:11.

Micah 7:14 (b) Probably this refers to the power of GOD to bring rich blessings, both material and spiritual, to His people.

1 Corinthians 4:21 (a) This type is used to express the scolding that Paul could give these sinning saints, and the reproof he could exercise against them. He did not wish to do so.

Revelation 2:27 (a) We are being told that the conquering CHRIST will rule every enemy with hard and harsh punishment, which is unmingled with mercy. (See also Revelation 19:15).

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