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Deuteronomy 29:18 (b) This is a symbol of the hidden, insidious, unseen, wicked influence among the people of GOD which produces evil results.

Judges 5:14 (b) It is evident that the men of Ephraim in the past years were enemies of Amalek, as their children became enemies of Amalek. It was a historical hatred.

2 Kings 19:30 (a) By this we learn that the people of Judah will again embrace the Word of GOD, the truth of GOD, and the Rock of Ages, as roots embrace the soil. They will publicly confess their GOD, and bear fruit to His glory, as the tree grows upward above its roots.

Job 29:19 (a) This figure represents the prosperity and the blessing that were in the life of Job before he was afflicted.

Proverbs 12:3 (b) Probably this is a reference to the faith of the Christian. His faith has fastened itself to the eternal Rock of Ages.

Isaiah 5:24 (b) This represents a life lived in a sinful atmosphere. These choose their pleasures from sin and evil activities.

Isaiah 11:10 (a) The term is used to express the fact that this root which is a type of the Lord JESUS existed before the human JESUS, in the eternal ages, and that Jesse came from CHRIST, the root.

Isaiah 14:29 (a) One kind of sin produces more sin. Evildoers shall cause trouble but GOD will punish them for it.

Isaiah 27:6 (b) Israel will again be established as a nation, and we see this prophecy being fulfilled today in Palestine. (See Isaiah 37:31).

Isaiah 40:24 (b) By this we learn that GOD will destroy the wicked leaders of the earth such as Moab, Assyria, et cetera. The temples may remain in ruins, while the worshipers are gone.

Isaiah 53:2 (a) This represents the Lord JESUS who, while, on earth, was unwanted, and undesired. The people did not believe that He would bring a blessing. Those of every group were opposed to Him. He was despised in the social circles, and by the politicians, by the educators, and by the military forces. He was not attractive to the public.

Jeremiah 12:2 (b) This lament is from the heart of Jeremiah who could not understand why the wicked seemed to prosper. Asaph had this same difficulty (see Psalm 73:3, Psalm 73:12). Job also raised this question, for he was distressed by it. (See Job 21:7-14).

Ezekiel 31:7 (a) The picture represents the great King of Assyria who had access to great wealth and business opportunities, so that he grew to be a mighty monarch.

Daniel 11:7 (b) The Queen of the South had a son and he would supercede and succeed in the battle.

Hosea 9:16 (a) We see by this figure that GOD's wrath would be poured out upon His people so that their basic supplies would be cut off.

Malachi 4:1 (a) In the great judgment day, whether it be the local one with the nations, or the individual one with Israel, or the eternal one in the last great final day, the wicked are to be removed from the earth, with no posterity. If the time refers to the end time, when the earth is dissolved, then also all the wicked of the earth are sent to the eternal lake of fire, and their memory is blotted out. This has already happened to the seven nations of Canaan. They have been destroyed from off the earth, root and branch.

Matthew 3:10 (b) This prophecy concerns the end of the nation of Israel. Titus came with his Roman army, conquered the country, and scattered the inhabitants. (See also Luke 3:9).

Matthew 13:6 (b) The hearers of GOD's Word had no convictions and no decision in the soul. They had an outward show of repentance and of faith, but the inner heart was unmoved. (See Matthew 13:21; also Mark 4:6; Luke 8:13).

Luke 3:9 (b) It probably expresses the Lord's will and desire for Christians to obliterate and to remove all those hidden evils in the life which would prevent fruit bearing.

Luke 17:6 (b) The lesson learned from this type is that to the man of faith the cause or the causes of his troubles will be removed.

Romans 11:16 (b) We must be basically right in our faith and in our thinking.

Hebrews 12:15 (a) This represents hidden evil thoughts and desires, secret words of animosity and dislike coming from a bitter heart. As this grows in the church, it produces trouble among GOD's people.

Judges 1:12 (b) Probably our Lord is reminding us of the fact that the enemies of GOD will be completely destroyed from off the earth as was Hitler and as was Judas.

Revelation 5:5 (a) The Scripture plainly teaches that the Lord JESUS lived before David, and in His human form descended from David.

Revelation 22:16 (a) CHRIST is the root which existed before David, David came from CHRIST as Jesse came from CHRIST. They were both products of the work and plan of the Lord JESUS. He lived before they existed.

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