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Succoth (1)

suk´oth , suk´ōth ( סכּות , ṣukkōth , "booths"; Σκηναί , Skēnai , Σοκχώθ , Sokchṓth , etc.): After parting with Esau, Jacob journeyed to Succoth, a name which he gave to the place from the "booths" which he erected to shelter his cattle ( Genesis 33:17 ). It was in the territory of Gad, and is mentioned with Beth-nimrah (Joshua 13:27 ). In his pursuit of Zeba and Zalmunnah, Gideon seems to have retraced the path followed by Jacob, passing Succoth before Penuel (Judges 8:5 ff). Their churlishness on that occasion brought dire punishment upon the men of Succoth. Gideon on his return "taught them" with thorns and briers ( Judges 8:16 ). In the soil of the valley between Succoth and Zarethan, which was suitable for the purpose, the brass castings of the furniture for Solomon's Temple were made (1 Kings 7:46; 2 Chronicles 4:17 ). Jerome (on Genesis 33:17 ) says that in his day it was a city beyond Jordan in the district of Scythopolis. From the above data it is clear that Succoth lay on the East of the Jordan and North of the Jabbok. From Psalm 60:6; Psalm 108:7 , we may infer that it was close to the Jordan valley, part of which was apparently known by its name. Neubauer (Geog. du Talmud , 248) gives the Talmudic name as Tar‛ala . Merrill (East of the Jordan , 386) and others compare this with Tell Deir ‛Allā , the name of an artificial mound about a mile North of the Jabbok, on the edge of the valley, fully 4 miles East of the Jordan. There is a place called Sākūt West of the Jordan, about 10 miles South of Beisān . This has been proposed by some; but it is evident that Succoth lay East of the river. No trace of the name has been found here.

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