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Aroer, 1

Aro´er, a town on the north side of the river Arnon, and therefore on the southern border of the territory conquered from the Amorites, which was assigned to the tribes of Reuben and Gad (Deuteronomy 2:36; Joshua 12:2; Joshua 13:9). The Amorites had previously dispossessed the Ammonites of this territory; and although in the texts cited the town seems to be given to Reuben, it is mentioned as a Moabitish city by Jeremiah (Jeremiah 48:19). Burckhardt found the ruins of this town under the name of Araayr, on the edge of a precipice overlooking the river. Aroer is always named in conjunction with 'the city that is in the midst of the river;' whence it has been conjectured that, like Rabbath Ammon [RABBATH-AMMON], it consisted of two parts, or distinct cities; the one on the bank of the river, and the other in the valley beneath, surrounded, either naturally or artificially, by the waters of the river.

Aroer, 2

Aroer, one of the towns 'built,' or probably rebuilt, by the tribe of Gad (Numbers 32:34). Burckhardt, in journeying from Szalt towards Rabbath Ammon, notices a ruined site, called Ayra, as 'one of the towns built by the tribe of Gad.' It is about seven miles south-west from Szalt. Aroer of Gad is also mentioned in Judges 11:33, and 2 Samuel 24:5.

Aroer, 3

Aroer, a city in the south of Judah, to which David sent presents after recovering the spoil of Ziklag (1 Samuel 30:26; 1 Samuel 30:28). At the distance of twenty geographical miles S. by W. from Hebron, there is a broad valley called Ararah, in which are evident traces of an ancient village or town. The identity of name shows that this was the Aroer of Judah.





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