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Olives Mount of

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Olives, Mount of, a mountain or ridge now called by the Arabs Jebel et-Tur, lying to the east of Jerusalem, from which it is separated only by the narrow valley of Jehoshaphat. Towards the south it sinks down into a lower ridge, over against the so-called 'well of Nehemiah,' now called by Franks the Mount of Offence, in allusion to the idolatrous worship established by Solomon 'on the hill that is before,' that is, eastward of 'Jerusalem.' In this direction lies the usual road to Bethany, so often trodden by our Savior. About a mile towards the north is another summit, nearly or quite as high as the middle one. The ridge between the two bends slightly eastward, leaving room for the valley below to expand somewhat in that part. The view of the Holy City and of the Dead Sea, from the southern summit, is described in the article Jerusalem; that from the northern summit does not embrace the Dead Sea. The elevation of the central peak of the Mount of Olives is stated by Schubert at 2555 Paris feet, or 416 Paris feet above the valley of Jehoshaphat; and hence it appears to be 175 Paris feet above the highest part of Mount Zion. Beyond the northern summit the ridge sweeps round towards the west, and spreads out into the high level tract north of the city, which is skirted on the west and south by the upper part of the valley of Jehoshaphat. This inconsiderable ridge derives all its importance from its connection with Jerusalem, and from the sacred associations which hence became connected with it. To the mount whose ascent David 'went up, weeping and barefoot,' to which our Savior ofttimes withdrew with His disciples, over which He often passed, and from which He eventually ascended into heaven, belongs a higher degree of sacred and moral interest than is to be found in mere physical magnitude, or than the record connects even with Lebanon, Tabor, or Ararat.





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