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Foxe's Book of Martyrs

by 'John Foxe'

Book 1

Chapter 1 — History of Christian Martyrs to the First General Persecutions Under Nero

Chapter 2 — The Ten Primitive Persecutions

Chapter 3 — Persecutions of the Christians in Persia

Chapter 4 — Papal Persecutions

Chapter 5 — An Account of the Inquisition

Chapter 6 — An Account of the Persecutions in Italy, Under the Papacy

Chapter 7 — An Account of the Life and Persecutions of John Wickliffe

Chapter 8 — An Account of the Persecutions in Bohemia Under the Papacy

Chapter 9 — An Account of the Life and Persecutions of Martin Luther

Chapter 10 — General Persecutions in Germany

Chapter 11 — An Account of the Persecutions in the Netherlands

Chapter 12 — The Life and Story of the True Servant and Martyr of God, William Tyndale

Chapter 13 — An Account of the Life of John Calvin

Chapter 14 — An Account of the Persecutions in Great Britain and Ireland, Prior to the Reign of Queen Mary I

Chapter 15 — An Account of the Persecutions in Scotland During the Reign of King Henry VIII

Chapter 16 — Persecutions in England During the Reign of Queen Mary

Chapter 17 — Rise and Progress of the Protestant Religion in Ireland; with an Account of the Barbarous Massacre of 1641

Chapter 18 — The Rise, Progress, Persecutions, and Sufferings of the Quakers

Chapter 19 — An Account of the Life and Persecutions of John Bunyan

Chapter 20 — An Account of the Life of John Wesley

Chapter 21 — Persecutions of the French Protestants in the South of France, During the Years 1814 and 1820

Chapter 22 — The Beginnings of American Foreign Missions

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