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MENO* - Part 5 - εχηγεομαι (Strong's #1834)
To remain, to abide, to stay

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Please note that all Biblical quotes, in this and all other lessons posted to Greek Thoughts, are from The Literal English Translation of the Bible produced by BTE Ministries - The Bible Translation and Exegesis Institute of America.

In the previous parts of this study, we established the meaning of μὲνω (meno – Strong's #3306- to remain, to abide, to stay) through an examination of its many uses in Scripture. This helped us understand that the word denotes a permanency of something/someone remaining or abiding in something/someone else. Today we will see that the permanency denoted by μὲνω as used in the Greek New Testament, is important in describing the relationship between every believer and Christ; in that the permanence of the believer in Christ and of Christ in the believer is elucidated through an understanding of μὲνω.

So far we have studied the following scriptures:

John 12:46: Μὲνω is used to describe non-believers as abiding in darkness.

John 6:56; 15:4-7: Μὲνω is used to describe the abiding relationship between the Lord and believers.

1 Peter 1:23-25: Μὲνω is used to describe the Word of God as abiding forever.

John 5:38: Μὲνω describes non-believers as not having the Word of God abiding in them.

John 8:31: Μὲνω describes a genuine believer as someone who is remaining in His Word.

John 14:16: Μὲνω is used by Jesus to communicate that the Comforter will remain with His disciples forever.

John 15:4: Μὲνω describes the abiding Spirit of God producing fruit in the lives of believers.

1 John 2:19: Μὲνω is used to convey the understanding that those who are antichrist did not remain with the Body of Believers.

In the last study, we focused on the designed plan of God to reveal those who are among the fellowship of believers and yet are antichrist. We learned from 1 John 2:19 that those who have not remained (μὲνω) with the body of believers are revealed as not belonging to Christ. In our study this week, from 1 John 2, we learn that true believers in Christ cannot leave the body of believers, because they cannot permanently leave the truth of God.

1 John 2:24-29

Doctrine of Truth: 24-25

Therefore what you heard from the beginning let it remain (μὲνω) in you. If what you heard from the beginning should remain (μὲνω) in you, you also will remain (μὲνω) in the Son and in the Father.

The truth, which was from the beginning of the Lord's public ministry, is described as remaining (μὲνω) in those who remain (μὲνω) in the Son and in the Father.

And this is the promise, which He Himself promised to us: eternal life.

This scripture, taken together with 1 John 5:20, gives us great understanding. 1 John 5:20 states that eternal life is the person of Jesus Christ. He Himself is eternal life. 1 John 2:25 tells us that the Lord Himself promised eternal life to those who remain in Him (vs. 24). The one who is abiding (μὲνω) in Christ, and Christ in him, has eternal life.

Spirit of Truth: 26-27

These things I wrote to you concerning the ones leading you astray.

And the anointing which you received from Him, is remaining (μὲνω) in you, and you do not have need in order that anyone should teach you; but according as the same anointing is teaching you concerning all things, and is true, and is not a lie; and according as it taught you, you will remain (μὲνω) in Him.

John makes a factual statement that the anointing believers receive at salvation is remaining (μὲνω) in them. He goes on to say that they do not have a need to listen to any new teacher bringing foreign teaching. He encourages them to continue to be taught by the anointing within them, even as it taught them in the past.

This verse has been misinterpreted for many years. Some say it means that Christians don't need teachers, only the anointing within. Such ones are then led astray by the false imaginations in their own minds. The text says that they were once taught in the past and continue to be taught in the present. Therefore, the Lord raises up teachers in the Body of Christ, but the real ministry takes place by the Spirit of God indwelling and ministering within the life of each believer.

Position of Truth: 28

And now, little children, remain (μὲνω) in Him; in order that whenever He should appear we might have confidence, and we might not withdraw from Him in His coming.

John finishes this section by commanding the believers to remain (μὲνω) in the Lord, so that when He appears, they will not withdraw from Him in His coming.

Throughout Church history, many false doctrines have circulated through the Body of Christ. These have been based in personal belief, rather than being established fact from the Word of God. An example of one presently being taught states that believers must practice certain mental principles in order to remain in or continue to dwell in Christ. From the Scriptures in this study, we have learned two things: first, the word μὲνω is used by John in 1 John 2:19, to show that those who leave the church to follow false doctrine will do so under the design of God to reveal that they are not of the Lord; second, μὲνω (1 John 2:27) is used to describe the evidence of those who belong to Christ— genuine believers will remain with the Body of Christ and the anointing remaining within them will keep them in the truth.

Next week we will continue our study of μὲνω from I John, Chapter 3, again focusing on the evidences of those who are remaining or abiding in the Lord. Specifically, we will study John's presentation that those who belong to Christ will not habitually practice sin.
*MENO is the English font spelling of the Greek word μὲνω.

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