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Strong's #2762 - κεραία

from a presumed derivative of the base of (G2768)
Parts of Speech
feminine noun
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  1. a little horn
  2. extremity, apex, point
    1. used by grammarians of the accents and diacritical points. Jesus used it of the little lines or projections, by which the Hebrew letters in other respects similar differ from one another; the meaning is, "not even the minutest part of the law shall perish".
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Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions


poet. κεν-αίη, ἡ, (κέρας)


1. horn, Nic. Th. 36, Opp. C. 3.476.

2. antennae of the crayfish or of insects, Arist. HA 526a6. 532a26.

II anything projecting like a horn: hence,

1 yard-arm, A. Eu. 557 (lyr.), Th. 7.41, IG 22.657, 1604.17, PMagd. 11.4 (iii B.C.), etc.; κ. καθελέσθαι, ὑφιέναι, i.e.lower sail, Plb. 14.10.11, Plu. 2.169b; opp. ἐντείνασθαι Call. Fr.anon. 382; ἀπὸ ψιλῆς τῆς κ. 'under bare poles', Luc. Tox. 19. projecting beam of a crane, etc., Th. 2.76, cf. 4.100, IG 11(2).161 A 90 (Delos, iii B. C.), Ph. Bel. 100.18, Plb. 8.5.10, Arr. An. 2.19.2. projecting parts of the hucklebone, Arist. HA 499b30. branching stake of wood, used as a pale in a palisade, Plb. 18.18.7, App. BC 4.78. horns of the ancilia, Plu. Numbers 13:1-33.

2. pl., horns of the moon, Arat. 785, 790.

3. in writing, apex of a letter, IG 2.4321.10 (iv B.C.), A.D. Synt. 28.27, cf. Matthew 5:18, Luke 16:17, Antyll. ap. Orib. 45.57.4; ζυγομαχεῖν περὶ συλλαβῶν καὶ κ. Plu. 2.1100a; διὰ πάσης κ. διῆκον showing itself in every word of a speech, D.H. Din. 7.

4. leg of a pair of compasses, S.E. M. 10.54.

5. projecting spur of a mountain, Plu. Cat.Ma. 13; of the horns of Europe and Africa at the Straits of Gibraltar, Revelation 4:3 b.40 (Agath.); arms of a harbour, Philostr. VS 1.21.2.

6. = κέρας v. 3, wing of an army, Hld. 9.20.

7. pl., supposed teat-like projections inside the womb, Diocl.Fr. 27; but the Fallopian tubes, Gal. UP 14.11, Ruf. Onom. 194.

III bow made of horn, AP 6.75 (Paul.Sil.).

Thayer's Expanded Definition

κεραία (WH κέρεα (see their Appendix, p. 151)), κεραιας, (κέρας), a little horn; extremity, apex, point; used by the Greek grammarians of the accents and diacritical points. In Matthew 5:18 ((where see Wetstein; cf. also Edersheim, Jesus the Messiah, 1:537f)); Luke 16:17 of the little lines, or projections, by which the Hebrew letters in other respects similar differ from each other, as cheth ח and he ה, daleth ד and resh ר, beth ב and kaph כ (A. V. tittle); the meaning is, 'not even the minutest part of the law shall perish.' ((Aeschylus, Thucydides, others.))

STRONGS NT 2762: κέρεα [κέρεα, see κεραία.]

Thayer's Expanded Greek Definition, Electronic Database.
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Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament

* κεραία

(WH, κερέα , v. App., 151), -ας ,

(< κέρας ),

a little horn: of the point or extremity which distinguishes some Heb. letters from others (e.g. ד from ר ; DCG, ii, 733), Matthew 5:18, Luke 16:17.†

κερέα , see κεραία .

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
List of Word Forms
κεραία κεραίαν κερεα κερέα κερεαν κερέαν keraia keraía keraian keraían
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