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Strong's #2859 - κόλπος

apparently a primary word
Parts of Speech
masculine noun
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  1. the front of the body between the arms
  2. the bosom of a garment, i.e. the hollow formed by the upper forepart of a rather loose garment bound by a girdle or sash, used for keeping and carrying things (the fold or pocket)
  3. a bay of the sea
Hebrew Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 2436 ‑ חֵק (khake, khake, khoke);  2651 ‑ חֹפֶן (kho'‑fen);  2684 ‑ חֹצֶן (kho'‑tsen);  6747 ‑ צֵלַחַת (tsal‑lakh'‑ath);  
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Luke 2
John 2
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BSB (6)
Luke 3
John 2
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CSB (4)
Luke 3
John 1
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ESV (4)
Luke 3
John 1
Acts 1
KJV (6)
Luke 3
John 2
Acts 1
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LSB (6)
Luke 3
John 2
Acts 1
N95 (6)
Luke 3
John 2
Acts 1
NAS (6)
Luke 3
John 2
Acts 1
NLT (4)
Luke 1
John 2
Acts 1
WEB (5)
Luke 2
John 2
Acts 1
YLT (6)
Luke 3
John 2
Acts 1
Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions

κόλπος, ὁ,


1. bosom, lap, παῖδ' ἐπὶ κόλπῳ ἔχουσα Il. 6.400; ἂψ ὁ πάϊς πρὸς κόλπον ἐκλίνθη ib. 467; ἡ δ' ἄρα μιν κηώδεϊ δέξατο κόλπῳ (cf. 111.1) ib. 483; ἱμάντα τέῳ ἐγκάτθεο κ. put the girdle in thy bosom, 14.219; εἰς κόλπον πτύσαι Thphr. Char. 16.15 (cf. πτύω) ; ἐν κόλπῳ εἶχες ὄφιν Thgn. 602; ὁ κ. Αβραάμ Luke 16:22; freq. of pet birds or animals, τρέφειν ἐν κ. Herod. 6.102; κυνίδιον ἐν κόλπῳ τιθηνούμενον lap -dog, Plu. 2.472c; κίσσαν ἐκ μέσων τῶν κόλπων ἁρπάσας Luc. Jud.Voc. 8; so τὸ θυγάτριον ἐκ κόλπων τῶν ἐμῶν ἀναρπάσαντα Hld. 4.14: metaph., εἰς τοὺς εὐανθεῖς κ. λειμώνων Ar. Ra. 373 (lyr.); λειμώνων φύλλων τ' ἐν κόλποις ναίω Id. Av. 1094 (lyr.); also τὰ ὑπὸ κόλπου, = τὰ ἀφροδίσια, Luc. Alex. 39.

2. = αἰδοῖον γυναικεῖον, esp. vagina, Sor. 1.16, al., Ruf. Onom. 196, Poll. 2.222: pl., Sor. 1.70b, S.E. M. 5.62. κόλποι τῆς ὑστέρας supposed sinuses in the womb, Hp. Nat.Puer. 31, Sor. 1.9 (sg.), Gal. UP 14.4. in poets more vaguely of the whole sinus genitalis, womb, in pl., E. Hel. 1145 (lyr.), Call. Jov. 15: sg., Id. Del. 214; δεσποίνας ὑπὸ κόλπον ἔδυν Orph. Fr. 32c. 8; θεὸς διὰ κόλπου ib. 31i24: metaph., of the grave, σῶμα σὸν ἐν κόλποις.. γαῖα καλύπτει IG 2.3839, cf. 3412, Epigr.Gr. 214.7 (Rhenea); κ. ἡμερῶν, of the womb of time, Ezek. Exag. 39. of other cavities, οἱ κ. τῆς κοιλίας, in the ἐχῖνος, Arist. HA 530b27; of the ventricles of the heart, Poll. 2.216.

II fold of a garment, esp. as it fell over the girdle, freq. in pl., δεύοντο δὲ δάκρυσι κ. Il. 9.570, cf. A. Pers. 539 (anap.), etc.: also in sg., κ. βαθὺν καταλιπόμενος τοῦ κιθῶνος Hdt. 6.125; κόλπον ἀνιεμένη letting down the bosom of her robe, i.e. baring her breast, Il. 22.80; ἐπὶ σφυρὰ κόλπον ἀνεῖσαι Theoc. 15.134; κρύψε δὲ παρθενίαν ὠδῖνα κόλποις, i.e. she concealed her pregnancy by the loose folds of her robe, Pi. O. 6.31; κατακρύψασ' ὑπὸ κόλπῳ Od. 15.469; κόλπῳ φέρουσα.. πεπλώματος A. Th. 1044; ὑπὸ κόλπου (v.l. - ῳ) χεῖρας ἔχειν 'keep one's hand in one's pocket ', of a stingy person, Theoc. 16.16; ὑπὸ κόλπου Luc. Herm. 37, 81, Hes. 2, Merc.Cond. 27; ὑπὸ κόλπον Hsch.s.v. μασχαλοληπτεῖ, v.l. in Luc. Ind. 12.

III any bosom-like hollow:

1 of the sea, first in a half-literal sense, of a sea-goddess, Θέτις δ' ὑπεδέξατο κόλπῳ received him in her bosom, Il. 6.136, cf. supr. 1.1: generally, δῦτε θαλάσσης εὐρέα κ. 18.140, cf. Od. 4.435; εἴσω ἁλὸς εὐρέα κ. ll. 21.125: in pl., κατὰ δεινοὺς κ. ἁλός Od. 5.52; also κόλποι αἰθέρος Pi. O. 13.88; Ἐρέβους ἐν ἀπείροσι κ. Ar. Av. 694.

2. bay, gulf, Ἑρμιόνην Ἀσίνην τε, βαθὺν κατὰ κ. ἐχούσας, i.e. βαθὺν κατεχούσας κόλπον, Il. 2.560; Μηλιεὺς κ. A. Pers. 486; κ. Ῥέας, i.e. the Adriatic, Id. Pr. 837; Τυρσηνικὸς κ. S. Fr. 598, cf. Hdt. 2.11, 7.58, 198, Th. 2.90, etc.

3. vale, κ. Ἀργεῖος Pi. P. 4.49; Νεμέας Id. O. 9.87, cf. 14.23; Ἐλευσινίας Δηοῦς ἐν κόλποις S. Ant. 1121 (lyr.); κ. Τροίας E. Tr. 130 (lyr.); Πιερικὸς κ. Th. 2.99, cf. X. HG 6.5.17.

4. of a fortified site, salient, Ph. Bel. 86.8.

5. ὁ κ. τοῦ ἅρματος bottom of the chariot, LXX Ev1Sa. 22.35.

6. fistulous ulcer which spreads under the skin, Dsc. 1.128, Heliod. ap. Orib. 44.8.22, Gal. 11.125. in Tactics, enveloping force, Onos. 21.5.

Thayer's Expanded Definition

κόλπος, κόλπου, (apparently akin to κοῖλος hollow, (yet cf. Vanicek, p. 179; Liddell and Scott, under the word)), Hebrew חֵיק; the bosom (Latinsinus), i. e. as in the Greek writings from Homer down:

1. the front of the body between the arms hence ἀνακεῖσθαι ἐν τῷ κόλπῳ τίνος, of the one who so reclines at table that his head covers the bosom as it were, the chest, of the one next him (cf. B. D. under the word ), John 13:23. Hence the figurative expressions, ἐν τοῖς κόλποις (on the plural, which occurs as early as Homer, Iliad 9, 570, cf. Winers Grammar, § 27, 3; (Buttmann, 24 (21))) τοῦ Ἀβραάμ εἶναι, to obtain the seat next to Abraham, i. e. to be partaker of the same blessedness as Abraham in paradise, Luke 16:23; ἀποφέρεσθαι ... εἰς τόν κόλπον Ἀβραάμ, to be borne away to the enjoyment of the same felicity with Abraham, Luke 16:22 (οὕτω γάρ παθόντας — according to another reading θανόνταςἈβραάμ καί Ἰσαάκ καί Ἰακώβ ὑποδέξονται εἰς τούς κόλπους αὐτῶν, 4 Macc. 13:16; (see B. D. under the phrase, Abraham's bosom, and) on the rabbinical phrase אברהם שׁל בּחיקו, in Abraham's bosom, to designate bliss in paradise, cf. Lightfoot, Horace, Hebrew et Talmud., p. 851ff); ὤν εἰς τόν κόλπον τοῦ πατρός, lying (turned) unto the bosom of his father (God), i. e. in the closest and most intimate relation to the Father, John 1:18 (Winers Grammar, 415 (387)); cf. Cicero, ad div. 14,4iste vero sit in sinu semper et complexu meo.

2. the bosom of a garment, i. e. the hollow formed by the upper forepart of a rather loose garment bound by a girdle, used for keeping and carrying things (the fold or pocket; cf. B. D. under the word ) (Exodus 4:6; Proverbs 6:27); so, figuratively, μέτρον καλόν διδόναι εἰς τόν κόλπον τίνος, to repay one liberally, Luke 6:38 (ἀποδιδόναι εἰς τόν κόλπον, Isaiah 65:6; Jeremiah 39:18 ()).

3. a bay of the sea (cf. Italiangolfo (English gulf — which may be only the modern representatives of the Greek word)): Acts 27:39.

Thayer's Expanded Greek Definition, Electronic Database.
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Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament

κόλπος , -ου , ,

[in LXX chiefly for H2436;]

1. prop., the bosom: John 13:23; fig., of close association, ἐν (εἰς τὸν ) τοῖς κ . Ἀβραάμ , Luke 16:22-23 (cf. 4 Maccabees 13:16); ὁ ὢν εἰς τὸν κ . τ . πατρός , John 1:18

2. The bosom or fold of a loose garment falling over a girdle, used as a pocket, hence fig., εἰς τὸν κ . (Isaiah 65:6, Jeremiah 32:18 : Luke 6:38

3. A bosom-like hollow, as a bay or gulf: Acts 27:39.†

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
Vocabulary of the Greek NT

With the figurative use of κόλπος in the NT (Luke 16:22 f al.) we may compare its occurrence in sepulchral epitaphs, e.g. Preisigke 2034.11 ἀνάπαυσον τὴν ψυχὴν τοῖς δούλοις σου πιστὰ ἐν κόλποις Ἀβρὰμ καὶ Ἰσὰκ καὶ Ἰακώβ, and Kaibel 292.1 Τύ ]μβος μὲν κρύ [πτ ]ει με τὸν ἐν κόλπ [οισι ] τραφέντα, where the editor draws attention to the ";frigidum acumen"; with which τύμβος and κόλποι are contrasted. On the other hand κόλπος is used of a sepulchre in id. 1135.2, and in ib. 237.3 (ii/i B.C.) we have—Ἀίδεω νυχίοιο μέλας κόλπος : cf. ib. 56.1 Σῶμα σὸν ἐν κόλποις, Καλλιστοῖ, γαῖα καλύπτει, with reference to the ";bosom"; of mother Earth. See also Herondas vi. 101 f. οὐ γὰρ ἀλλὰ πορθεῦ [σι ] ὡρν [ι ]θο [κ ]λέ [π ]ται, κἢν τρέφῃ τις ἐν κόλπῳ, ";for the bird-stealers will plunder out of one’s very lap"; (Nairn). For the meaning ";bay,"; ";gulf,"; as in Acts 27:39, cf. OGIS 441.218 (B.C. 81) Σελεύκεια [ἡ π ]ρὸς τῶι Ἰσσικῶ [ι κ ]όλπωι.


The Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament.
Copyright © 1914, 1929, 1930 by James Hope Moulton and George Milligan. Hodder and Stoughton, London.
Derivative Copyright © 2015 by Allan Loder.
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