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Strong's #3609 - οἰκεῖος

from (G3624)
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  1. belonging to a house or family, domestic, intimate
    1. belonging to one's household, related by blood, kindred
    2. belonging to the household of God
    3. belonging, devoted to, adherents of a thing
Hebrew Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 441 ‑ אַלֻּף (al‑loof', al‑loof');  582 ‑ אֱנוֹשׁ (en‑oshe');  1004 ‑ בַּיִת (bah'‑yith);  1730 ‑ דֹּד (dode, dode);  7607 ‑ שְׁאֵר (sheh‑ayr');  
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Galatians 1
Ephesians 1
1 Timothy 1
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Matthew 1
Galatians 1
Ephesians 1
1 Timothy 1
BSB (3)
Galatians 1
Ephesians 1
1 Timothy 1
ESV (3)
Galatians 1
Ephesians 1
1 Timothy 1
WEB (3)
Galatians 1
Ephesians 1
1 Timothy 1
Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions

οἰκεῖος, α, ον,

also ος, ον E. Heracl. 634; Ion. οἰκήϊος, η, ον:


1. in or of the house, once in Hes., δούρατ' ἀμάξης οἰκήϊα θέσθαι Op. 457; λέβης A. Fr. 1; κῆρυξ S. Tr. 757; of or for household affairs, domestic (for οἰκηΐη, v. cross οἰκία II), τὰ οἰ. household affairs, property, Hdt. 2.37, S. Ant. 661; τὰ οἰ. ἀγαθά X. Oec. 9.18; τὰ οἰ. τὰ αὑτοῦ his household goods, Lys. 13.41; opp. πολιτικά, Th. 2.40; opp. τὰ τῆς πόλεως, Pl. Ap. 23b.

2. Astrol., οἰ. ζῴδια domiciliary signs, Vett.Val. 37.21, al.


1. of persons, of the same household, family, or kin, related, ὥς οἱ ἐόντες οἰκήϊοι as being akin to him, Hdt. 4.65; οἰκεῖον οὕτως οὐδὲν.. ὡς ἀνήρ τε καὶ γυνή so closely akin, Men. 647; ἀνὴρ οἰ. kins man, relative, near friend, Hdt. 1.108; οἱ οἰ. kinsmen, opp. οἱ ἀλλότριοι, And. 4.15, cf. Th. 2.51; opp. ὀθνεῖοι, Pl. Prt. 316c; οἱ ἑωυτοῦ οἰκηϊότατοι his own nearest kinsmen, Hdt. 3.65, cf. 5.5, D. 18.288; of the tie itself, κατὰ τὸ οἰ. Ἀτρεῖ because of his relationship to Atreus, Th. 1.9.

2. friendly, εἴχομέν ποτε.. τὸν τόπον τοῦτον οἰ. D. 4.4; οὓς ἂν ἡγήσαιτο -οτάτους τε καὶ ἑταιροτάτους Pl. Phd. 89e.


1 of things. belonging to one's house or family, one's own (defined as ὅταν ἐφ' αὑτῷ ᾖ ἀπαλλοτριῶσαι Arist. Rh. 1361a21), οἰ. ἄρουραι Pi. O. 12.19; σταθμοῖς ἐν οἰκείοισι A. Pr. 398; γῆ, χθών, S. Aj. 859, Ant. 1203; οἰκεῖον, ἢ 'ξ ἄλλου τινός; born in the house, or.. ? Id. OT 1162; αἱ οἰ. πόλεις their own cities, X. HG 3.5.2; ἡ οἰ. (sc. γῆ), Ion. ἡ οἰκηΐη Hdt. 1.64; [ἀναθήματα] οἰκήϊα his own property, ib. 92; πόλεμοι οἰ. wars in one's own country, of the Helot war in Laconia, Th. 1.118, cf. 4.64; σῖτος οἰ. καὶ οὐκ ἐπακτός homegrown, Id. 6.20.

2. = cross ἴδιος, one's own, personal, private, οἰκείων κερδέων εἵνεκα Thgn. 46; ἐὼν ἐν κακῷ οἰκηΐῳ Hdt. 1.45, cf. 153, Antipho 1.13; αἱ χεῖρες -ότεραι τοῦ σιδήρου Id. 4.3.3; μηδὲν -οτέρᾳ τῇ ἀπολαύσει with enjoyment not more our own, Th. 2.38, cf. 7.70; ἀλλοτρίας γῆς πέρι οἰ. κίνδυνον ἔχειν Id. 3.13; οἰ. ξύνεσις mother wit, Id. 1.138; πρὸς οἰκείας χερός by his own hand, S. Ant. 1176, etc.; for A. Ag. 1220, v. cross βορά. in Stoic Philos., 1.


1. endeared by nature to all animals, including man, τὸ πρῶτον οἰ. what is earliest endeared, Chrysipp.Stoic. 3.43, Hierocl. p.7A. proper to a thing, fitting, suitable, οὔτε.. καλὸν οὐδὲν [οὐδ'] οἰκήϊον Hdt. 3.81, cf. D. 18.59.

2. c. dat. rei, belonging to, conformable to the nature of a thing, προοίμιον οἰ. ἑκάστῳ Pl. Lg. 772e, cf. R. 468d, al., and freq. in Arist., as EN 1098a29: also c. gen., τὰ αὐτῶν οἰ. Pl. Phd. 96d; οἰ. τῆς διαλεκτικῆς Arist. Top. 101b2, cf. EN 1096b31, Rh. 1360a22; οἰ. πρός τι Plb. 5.105.1. of persons, c. gen., a student of.., σοφίας Str. 17.1.5; addicted to, καινοτομίας Iamb. VP 30.176.

3. proper, fit, οἰ. κατάγελως fit subject for ridicule, Men. 160; οἰ. ὄνομα a word in its proper, literal sense, opp. metaphor, Arist. Rh. 1404b35. Adv. οἰκείως has the same senses as the Adj., οἰ φέρε bear it like your own affair, Ar. Th. 197; διαλέγεσθαι οἰ. τινί converse familiarly with him, Th. 6.57; οἰ. χρῆσθαί τινι to be on familiar terms, X. HG 2.3.16; οἰ. διακεῖσθαί τινι Id. An. 7.5.16; πρός τι Plb. 13.1.2; οἰ. δέχεσθαί τινας D. 18.215; οἰ. ἔχειν τινί Id. 4.4, etc.: Comp. -ότερον Isa 1.49; -οτέρως Arist. Cat. 7a16: Sup. -ότατα Plb. 5.106.4.


1. properly, naturally, Ar. Lys. 1118, X. Oec. 2.17; opp. ἀλλοτρίως, Epicur. Ephesians 1 p.14U.

2. affectionately, dutifully, ἔθαψε, περιέστειλεν οἰ. Men. 325.12, cf. Th. 2.60.

3. literally, actually, Gal. Phil.Hist. 39 D.

4. Astrol., οἰ. σχηματίζεσθαι, of a planet, to be in its domicile, Vett.Val. 58.27, al.

Thayer's Expanded Definition

οἰκεῖος, οἰκεῖα, οἰκεῖον (οἶκος), from Hesiod down, belonging to a house or family, domestic, intimate: belonging to one's household, related by blood, kindred, 1 Timothy 5:8; οἰκεῖοι τοῦ Θεοῦ, belonging to God's household, i. e. to the theocracy, Ephesians 2:19; in a wider sense, with a genitive of the thing, belonging to, devoted to, adherents of a thing, οἱ οἰκεῖοι τῆς πίστεως, professors of the (Christian) faith, Galatians 6:10 (but others associate this passage with that from Ephesians as above; see Lightfoot at the passage); so οἰκεῖος φιλοσοφίας, Strabo 1, p. 13 b. (1, 17 edition Sieben.); γεωγραφιας, p. 25 a. (1, 34 edition Sieben.); ὀλιγαρχιας, Diodorus 13, 91; τυραννίδος, 19, 70. (The Sept. for שְׁאֵר, related by blood; דּוד, 1 Samuel 10:14ff; שַׁאֲרָה, consanguinity, Leviticus 18:17; οἰκεῖος τοῦ σπέρματος for בָּשָׂר, Isaiah 58:7.)

STRONGS NT 3609a: οἰκετεία οἰκετεία (others, οἰκετεία, cf. Chandler § 99ff), οἰκετείας, (οἰκέτης, which see), household i. e. body of servants (Macrobius, Appuleius ()famulitium, German Dienerschaft): Matthew 24:45 L T Tr WH. (Strabo, Lucian, Inscriptions; plural Josephus, Antiquities 12, 2, 3),

Thayer's Expanded Greek Definition, Electronic Database.
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Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament

οἰκεῖος , -α , -ον

(< οἶκος ),

[in LXX for H1730, H7607, etc.; in Isaiah 58:7, οἰ . τοῦ σπέρματος for H1320;]

in or of the house (opp. to ξένος , ἀλλότριος );

(a) of things; τὰ οἰ ., household affairs or goods;

(b) of persons, of the same family or kin; as subst., οἱ οἰ ., kinsmen: 1 Timothy 5:8; c. gen. pers., of the family of: metaph., τ . θεον , Ephesians 2:19; τ . πίστεως (Lft., in l), Galatians 6:10.†

SYN,: συγγενής G4773, ἴδιος G2398 (v. Cremer, 446; Deiss., BS, 123).

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
Vocabulary of the Greek NT

For ὀργή in the sense of natural ";anger,"; ";passion,"; cf. P Leid W xxiv. 31 (ii/iii A.D.) (= II. p. 161) ὅταν ὑποτάσῃς (l. ὑποτάσσῃς) φόβον ἢ ὀργήν, BGU IV. 1024iv. 20 (end iv/A.D.) μὴ [κατέχ ]ων τ ̣ [ν ὀ ]ργὴν ἐφόνευσεν αὐτὴν ξ [ίφει. The common Biblical use with reference to divine wrath may be illustrated by such passages from the inscrr. as OGIS 383.210 (mid. i/B.C.) τούτωι δαιμόνων ὀργὴ καὶ θεῶν ἁπάντων αὐτῶι καὶ γένει πρὸς ἅπασαν τιμωρίαν ἀνείλατος ἔστω, and Syll 887 (= .3 1237) .5 where any one disturbing a tomb is warned—ἕξει δὲ κ (αὶ) ὀργὴν μεγάλην τοῦ μεγάλου Διός. See also Aristeas 254 γινώσκειν δὲ δεῖ, διότι θεὸς τὸν πάντα κόσμον διοικεῖ μετ᾽ εὐμενείας καὶ χωρὶς ὀργῆς ἁπάσης. In Romans 12:19 the subst. should be personified, ";Make room for the Wrath (the Divine Retribution which alone can do justice on wrong)"; : cf. Romans 5:9, 1 Thessalonians 2:16.


The Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament.
Copyright © 1914, 1929, 1930 by James Hope Moulton and George Milligan. Hodder and Stoughton, London.
Derivative Copyright © 2015 by Allan Loder.
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