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Strong's #5598 - Ω

Root Word (Etymology)
a primitive word
Parts of Speech
indeclinable noun
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  1. the last letter in the Greek alphabet
  2. the last
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Revelation 4
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Revelation 3
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Revelation 3
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Revelation 3
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Revelation 3
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Revelation 3
Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions

Ω, ὦ, τό,

twenty-fourth and last letter of the Ionic alphabet, ἀπὸ ἄλφα ἕως.ω. Gloss. iii 283 (ix A. D.); thence used as a symbol of the end, the last, ἐγώ εἰμι τὸ ἄλφα καὶ τὸ ὦ (not τὸ ὦ μέγα) Revelation 1:8, al.:

as a numeral ώ = 800, but ωνυμ = 800, 000. The epichoric Att. and other alphabets of the Inscrr. had used o in differently to represent the sounds of the later ο and ω: Ω is a differentiated form of ο, and, though usu. = ω, was used in the Ionic islands of Paros, Thasos, and Siphnos with the value ο, while O or O represented the sound ω. The name of the letter was τὸ ὦ (perispom. acc. to Hellad. ap. Phot. p.530B.), cf. Achae. 33.3, Pl. Phdr. 244d, Cra. 420b, Tht. 203c: after the loss of the distinction betw. long and short vowels, ο and ω had the same pronunciation; they begin to be confused in Papyri of iii B. C. (οἰκωνόμου PRLaws 50.22 (iii B. C.)), but the name ω μέγα appears first in later Greek, Theognost. Can. 13; κατὰ σχῆμα διπλοῦ ω ἤτοι μεγάλου Eust. 869.26; οἱ δὲ περὶ Ἀρίσταρχον αὐτὸ τὸ ποτήριον ω μέγα εἶναί φασιν, ὁποῖν ἴσως τὸ κατὰ δύο ῡ ἐσχηματισμένον Id. 869.29; ἐν τῷ ω μεγάλῳ under omega (in a lexicon), Id. 1828.49: διὰ τοῠ ω μεγάλου Hdn. Epim. 208.

Thayer's Expanded Definition

Ω, Omega: omega, the last (24th) letter of the Greek alphabet: ἐγώ εἰμί τό Ω (WH Ω, L , T ), equivalent to τό τέλος, i. e. the last (see Alfa, Α, , ἄλφα (and B. D. (especially American edition) under the word and article 'Alpha', also article Α and Ω by Piper in Herzog (cf. Schaff-Herzog), and by Tyrwhitt in Dict. of Chris. Antiq.)), Revelation 1:8, 11 Rec.; . (On the interchange of omega and omicron in manuscripts see Scrivener, Plain Introduction etc., p. 627; 'Six Lectures' etc., p. 176; WH. Introductory § 404; cf. especially Meisterhans, Gram. d. Attic Inschr., p. 10.)

Thayer's Expanded Greek Definition, Electronic Database.
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Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament

Ω , ω , ὦ μέγα (cf. ὂ μικρόν ), omega, ô, the twenty-fourth and last letter. As a numeral, ω ' = 800, ω , = 800,000. As a symbol of the last (= τὸ τέλος ), τὸ Ὦ (Rec. Ω , L, , T, ω ), the Omega: Revelation 1:8; Revelation 21:6; Revelation 22:13 (cf. Ἄλφα ).†

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
List of Word Forms
Ω Ὦ o ô Ō Ō̂ omega Ōmega
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