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Strong's #1355 - גַּב

corresponding to (H1354)
Parts of Speech
masculine noun
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Brown-Driver-Briggs' Definition

  1. back or side

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Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

1048) bc (גב GB) AC: Lift CO: Back AB: ?: The high arched curve of the back when digging.

A) bc (גב GB) AC: ? CO: Arch AB: ?

Nm/f ) bc (גב GB) - I. Arch:The arch of the back when digging. Also any high arched or convex thing such as the eyebrow, rim of a wheel, locust, etc. [df: Pg]II. Pit:The work of the back of digging a pit or trench. KJV (18): back, eminent place, rings, bodies, bosses, eyebrows, naves, higher place, pit, beam, ditch, locust, den - Strongs: H1354 (גַּב), H1355 (גַּב), H1356 (גֵּב), H1357 (גֵּבָה), H1610 (גַּף)

E) abc (גבא GBA) AC: Dig CO: Cistern AB: ?: The work of the back of digging a pit for collecting water.

Nm) abc (גבא GBA) - Cistern: KJV (3): pit, marshes - Strongs: H1360 (גֶּבֶא)

H) ebc (גבה GBH) AC: Lift CO: High AB: ?: From the high arch of the back when digging. Something that is lifted up high. This can be something physical or mental such as pride as the lifting up of the heart.

V) ebc (גבה GBH) - Lift: To lift something up high. KJV (34): (vf: Paal, Hiphil) exalt, up, haughty, higher, high, above, height, proud, upward - Strongs: H1361 (גָּבַהּ)

Nm) ebc (גבה GBH) - High: KJV (4): high, proud - Strongs: H1362 (גָּבֵהַּ)

Nf3) tfebc (גבהות GBHWT) - Lofty: KJV (2): lofty, loftiness - Strongs: H1365 (גַּבְהוּת)

cm) efbc (גבוה GBWH) - High: KJV (37): high, higher, lofty, exceeding, haughty, height, highest, proud, proudly - Strongs: H1364 (גָּבוֹהַּ)

gm) ebfc (גובה GWBH) - High: KJV (17): height, excellency, haughty, loftiness - Strongs: H1363 (גֹּבַהּ)

J) bfc (גוב GWB) AC: Dig CO: Pit AB: ?

V) bfc (גוב GWB) - Dig: KJV (1): (vf: Paal, Participle) husbandman - Strongs: H1461 (גּוּב)

Nm) bfc (גוב GWB) - I. Pit:As dug out of the ground. [Aramaic only] II. Locust:A digging insect. KJV (12): grasshopper, den - Strongs: H1358 (גֹּב), H1462 (גּוֹב)

L) bci (יגב YGB) AC: Dig CO: Field AB: ?

V) bci (יגב YGB) - Dig: KJV (2): (vf: Paal) husbandman - Strongs: H3009 (יָגַב)

Nm) bci (יגב YGB) - Field: A place plowed/dug for planting crops. KJV (1): field - Strongs: H3010 (יָגֵב)

Adopted Roots:

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2024
Jeff Benner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
 [גַּב] noun [masculine] either back (ᵑ7גַּב back, top; Biblical Hebrew גַּב, √ גנב), or < side (√ גנב, compare Arabic side, Syriac side, √ ; — see also D WB 65); — plural suffix Daniel 7:6 Kt wings עַלגַּֿבַּיהּ on its sides (Bev Behrm Dr; Qr גַּבַּהּ perhaps its back, so most).

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.All rights reserved. Used by permission. BibleSoft.com
Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Definition

גַּב with suffix גַּבִּי, pl. גַּבִּים and גַּבּוֹת (see No. 5, 6) from the root גָּבַב No. 1, pr. something gibbous, something curved like an arch or a bow.

(1) the back of animals, Ezekiel 10:12 and of men, Psalms 129:3, עַל גַּבִּי חָֽרְשׁוּ חֹרְשִׁים “the plowers plowed upon my back,” i.e. they cut my back with stripes as the ground is cut with a plough.(2) back, boss of a shield (comp. Arab. جَوْبُ shield, and French bouclier from boucle). Job 15:26, it is said proverbially, יָרוּץ אֵלָיובַּעֲבִי גַּבֵּי מָגִנָּיו “he rushes upon him … with thick bosses of shields,” a metaphor taken from soldiers, who join their shields closely together like a testudo, and so make an onset. Comp. Schult. ad loc. cit.; Har. Cons. xxiii, p. 231; xl. 454, ed. de Sacy. Hence

(3) bulwark, fortress, Job 13:12, גַּבֵּי חֹמֶר גַּבֵּיכֶם “fortresses of clay (are) your fortresses.” This is to be understood of the weak and feeble arguments with which the adversaries are defending themselves (comp. Isaiah 41:21). So Arab. ظهر back for bulwark.

(4) a vaulted house, a vault, specially used of a brothel or chamber, where harlots prostituted themselves (like the Lat. fornix, Juven. iii. 156), Ezekiel 16:24, 31 Ezekiel 16:31, 39 Ezekiel 16:39. LXX. οἴκημα πορνικόν, πορνεῖον.

(5) rim, circumference of wheels. Plur. גַּבִּים 1 Kings 7:33 גַּבּוֹת Ezekiel 1:18.

(6) the eyebrow, as if the bow of the eye. Pl. גַּבּוֹת Leviticus 14:9. Arab. جُبَّةُ the bone above which the eyebrow grows.

(7) back, i.e. surface of the altar. Ezekiel 43:13. LXX. τὸ ὕψος τοῦ θυσιαοτηρίου. So the Gr. νῶτος used of the surface of the sea, land, &c. Equivalent to this is גַּג הַמִּזְבֵּחַ Exodus 30:3, 37:26 so that it may be doubted whether it should not be so read.

גַּב Ch. i.q. Heb. back, pl. backs, for sing. like the Gr. τὰ νῶτα. Daniel 7:6 כתיב, “and that beast had four wings עַל גַּבַּיהּ on its back.” גַּבַּהּ קרי. LXX. ἐπάνω αὐτῆς. Theod. ὑπεράνω αὐτῆς. Vulg. super se.

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List of Word Forms
גַּבַּ֑הּ גבה gab·bah gabbah
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