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Strong's #7115 - קֹצֶר

from (H7114)
Parts of Speech
Noun Masculine

1) shortness, impatience, anguish

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Verse Results
Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

2727) ryq (קתסר QTsR) AC: Sever CO: Short AB: ?: The cutting short of something such as the reaping of the harvest where the stalks are made short or patience which can be cut short. [from: yq- being cut short]

V) ryq (קתסר QTsR) - Sever: To cut something short or small. Often in the sense of harvesting where the plant is severed at that stalk or short in patience as being severed. KJV (49): (vf: Paal, Hiphil, Piel) reap, reaper, shorten, shorter, discourage, loathe, straiten - Strongs: H7114 (קָצַר)

Nm) ryq (קתסר QTsR) - Short: As being cut off prematurely. KJV (5): small, few, soon, hasty - Strongs: H7116 (קָצֵר)

bm) riyq (קתסיר QTsYR) - I. Harvest:The time when the plants are severed. II. Branch:In the sense of being severed from the plant. KJV (54): harvest, bough, branch, harvestman - Strongs: H7105 (קָצִיר)

gm) ryfq (קותסר QWTsR) - Short: In patience. KJV (1): anguish - Strongs: H7115 (קֹצֶר)

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2021
Jeff Benner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Definition

קֹצֶר m. only קֹצֶר רוּחַ impatience, Exodus 6:9.

These files are public domain and are a derivative of an electronic edition that is available
List of Word Forms
מִקֹּ֣צֶר מקצר mikKotzer miq·qō·ṣer miqqōṣer
Old Testament Hebrew Lexical Dictionary developed by Jeff Garrison for Copyright 1999-2021. All Rights Reserved, Jeff Garrison, Gdansk, Poland.
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