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Entry for Strong's #2159 - εὐτόνως

Word Origin
from a compound of (2095) and a derivative of teino (to stretch)
Parts of Speech
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Thayer's Definition
  1. vehemently, forcibly
Hebrew Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 7782 ‑ שֹׁפָר (sho‑far', sho‑far');  
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Luke 1
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Luke 1
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Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions


Adverb from a compound of G2095 and a derivation of τειìνω teinō (to stretch)


Il. 16.365, etc.: fut. τενῶ Ar. Th. 1205, (ἀπο-) Pl. Grg. 458b, (ἐκ-) E. Med. 585: aor. ἔτεινα Il. 4.124, τεῖνα 3.261: pf. τέτᾰκα D.H. 19.12, etc., (ἀπο-) Pl. Grg. 465e: Med., fut. τενοῦμαι (παρα-) Th. 3.46, (προ-) D. 14.5: aor. ἐτεινάμην, τειν-, A.R. 2.1043, 4.705, (προ-) Hdt. 9.34, (δι-) Antipho 5.46, Pl. Ti. 78b: Pass., fut. τᾰθήσομαι (παρα-) Id. Ly. 204c: aor. ἐτάθην [ ] S. Ant. 124 (lyr.), etc., τάθην Il. 23.375: pf. τέτᾰμαι Hes. Op. 549, etc.: plpf. 3 sg. and pl. τέτατο, τέταντο, Od. 11.11, Il. 4.544; 3 dual τετάσθην ib. 536:


1. stretch by force, pull tight, κυκλοτερὲς μέγα τόξον ἔτεινε Il. 4.124; ἐπ' Ἀλεξάνδρῳ τείνοντα πάλαι τόξον A. Ag. 364 (anap.); ἐξ ἄντυγος ἡνία τείνας having tied the reins tight to the chariot-rail, Il. 5.262; ναὸς πόδα τείνας keeping the sheet taut, S. Ant. 716; κάλων τείνας οὔριον εὐφροσυνᾶν IG 14.793; οἱ ἀπείρως κατ' εὐθὺ τείνοντες Sor. 1.73; τῷ ψιμύθῳ.. παρειήν make it (look) full, AP 11.374 (Maced.): Med., τείνατο τόξα stretched his bow, A.R. 2.1043, cf. Orph. A. 589; of tendons, etc., Gal. 18(2).58, al.: Pass., [ ἱμὰς] ὑπ' ἀνθερεῶνος.. τέτατο [the strap] was made tight, Il. 3.372; τελαμῶνε περὶ στήθεσσι τετάσθην 14.404; τέταθ' ἱστία were stretched taut, Od. 11.11.

2. metaph., stretch or strain, ἶσον τείνειεν πολέμου τέλος strain the issue of war even, Il. 20.101: Pass., τῶν ἐπὶ ἶσα μάχη τέτατο πτόλεμός τε 12.436, 15.413, cf. Hes. Th. 638; τέτατο κρατερὴ ὑσμίνη the fight was strained, was intense, Il. 17.543; ἵπποισι τάθη δρόμος their pace was strained to the utmost, 23.375; τοῖσι δ' ἀπὸ νύσσης τέτατο δρόμος they set off at full speed from the starting-line, ib. 758, Od. 8.121: τ. αὐδάν strain the voice, raise it high, A. Pers. 574 (lyr.): Pass. also, exert oneself, be anxious, Pi. I. 1.49; ἀμφ' ἀρεταῖς Id. P. 11.54.

3. stretch out, spread, ὅτε τε Ζεὺς λαίλαπα τείνῃ Il. 16.365; ἐπὶ νὺξ τέταται βροτοῖσι night is spread over them, Od. 11.19; ἀὴρ τέταται μακάρων ἐπὶ ἔργοις Hes. Op. 549; of light, αἴγλαν ἃ τέταται S. Ph. 831 (lyr.), cf. Pl. R. 616b; of sound, ἀμφὶ νῶτ' ἐτάθη πάταγος S. Ant. 124 (lyr.); δίκτυα τ. X. Cyn. 6.9; ψυχὴν διὰ παντός Pl. Ti. 34b. Gramm., lengthen a syllable, A.D. Pron. 55.1: Pass., ib. 27.25, cf. 11.1 fin.

4. aim at, direct towards a point, prop. from the bow, ἐπὶ Τροίᾳ τ. τὰ θεῶν ἀμάχητα βέλη S. Ph. 198 (anap.): metaph., ἔς τινα τ. φόνον aim, design death to one, E. Hec. 263 (but τ. φόνον prolong murder, Id. Supp. 672); τ. λόγον εἴς τινα Pl. Phd. 63a: Pass., ἐς σὲ τ. γλῶσσα E. Rh. 875; ἡ ἅμιλλα τέταται πρὸς τοῦτο Pl. Phdr. 271a, cf. Lg. 770d, R. 581b.


1. stretch out in length, lay, ζυγὰ ἐπιπολῆς τ. Hdt. 2.96: Pass., lie out at length, lie stretched, ἐπὶ γαίῃ κεῖτο ταθείς Il. 13.655; ἐν κονίῃσι τετάσθην, τέταντο, 4.536, 544; ταθεὶς ἐνὶ δεσμῷ hanging stretched in chains, Od. 22.200; [ φάσγανον] ὑπὸ λαπάρην τέτατο hung along or by his side, Il. 22.307; διὰ.. αἰθέρος.. τέταται extends, Emp. 135, cf. 100.2; τῶν ἐκ τῆς χώρας λεωφόρων εἰς τὴν πόλιν τεταμένων Pl. Lg. 763c; φλὲψ.. διὰ τοῦ κοίλου τείνεται Arist. HA 513b3: τεταμένος sts. becomes a mere Adj., long, αὐχένα.. τεταμένον τῇ φύσει, of birds, Id. PA 692b20; in Gramm., of a long vowel, PBouriant 8 i 1, 14.

2. stretch or hold out, present, τινὰ ἐπὶ σφαγάν E. Or. 1494 (lyr.); ἀσπίδα, δόρυ, AP 7.147 (Arch.), 720 (Chaerem.); τὴν χεῖρά τινι or ἐπί τι, A.R. 4.107, 1049: Med., τείνεσθαι χέρε, γυῖα, δειρήν, one's hands, etc., Theoc. 21.48, A.R. 1.1009, 4.127, etc.; συὸς τέκος Id. 4.705; ἑανούς ib. 1155.

3. extend, lengthen, of Time, τὸν μακρὸν τ. βίον A. Pr. 537 (lyr.), cf. E. Med. 670; αἰῶνα Id. Ion 625; τόνδ' ἐτεινάτην λόγον A. Ch. 510; μακροὺς τ. λόγους E. Hec. 1177; τί μάτην τείνουσι βοήν; (where others interpr. it like τ. αὐδάν, v. supr. 1.2) Id. Med. 201 (anap.); πολλὰ μὲν τάλαινα πολλὰ δ' αὖ σοφὴ.. μακρὰν ἔτεινας A. Ag. 1296, cf. S. Aj. 1040. intr., of geographical position, stretch out or extend, παρ' ἣν (sc. λίμνην) τὸ.. ὄρος τείνει Hdt. 2.6; τὸ πρὸς Λιβύης.. ὄρος ἄλλο τείνει ib. 8; τ. μέχρι.. Id. 4.38; ἐς.. Id. 7.113; ἐπὶ.. X. Ages. 2.17; of a dress, ὑπὸ σφυροῖσι τ. E. Ba. 936; of a mountain, ὑψόθι τ. A.R. 2.354:

I of Time, ἡμερολεγδὸν τείνοντα χρόνον dragging out time, A. Pers. 64 (anap.): rarely so in Pass., ὄρος τεταμένον τὸν αὐτὸν τρόπον Hdt. 2.8.

II exert oneself, struggle, ἐναντία τισί Pl. R. 492d; press on, hasten, οἱ δ' ἔτεινον ἐς πύλας E. Supp. 720; δηλοῖ τοὖργον, οἷ τ. χρεών Id. Or. 1129; τὸ μὴ τείνειν ἄγαν S. Ant. 711; τ. ὥς τινα Ar. Th. 1205; ἔτεινον ἄνω πρὸς τὸ ὄρος X. An. 4.3.21; εὐθὺ Βαβυλῶνος Luc. Nec. 6; τὴν ἐπὶ τοῦ οὐρανοῦ Id. Icar. 22.


1. extend to, reach, ἐπὶ τὴν ψυχήν Pl. Tht. 186c; ἐπὶ πᾶν Id. Smp. 186b; of the veins stretching from one point to another, Arist. HA 492a20, 513a2, al., cf. Pl. Ti. 65c, Diog.Apoll. 6.

2. tend, refer, belong to, τείνει ἐς σέ it refers to, concerns you, Hdt. 6.109, cf. 7.135, E. Ph. 435, Hipp. 797, etc.; ποῖ τείνει καὶ εἰς τί; to what does it tend? Pl. Cri. 47c, cf. Tht. 163a, D. 10.54; μηδαμόσε ἄλλοσε Pl. R. 499a; πρός τι Id. Smp. 188d, Prt. 345b; ἐς ταὐτόν Id. Cra. 439c.

3. τείνειν πρός τινα or τι, come near to, to be like, Id. Tht. 169b, Cra. 402c; ἐγγύς τι τείνειν τοῦ τεθνάναι Id. Phd. 65a, cf. R. 548d. (Cf. τανύω, Skt. tanóti 'stretch', Lat. tendo, etc.)

Thayer's Expanded Definition

εὐτόνως, adverb (from εὔτονος, and this from εὖ and τείνω to stretch (cf. at full stretch, well strung, etc.)), vehemently, forcibly: Luke 23:10; Acts 18:28. (Joshua 6:8; 2 Macc. 12:23; Xenophon, Hier. 9, 6; Aristophanes, Plutarch, 1095; Diodorus, others.)

Thayer's Expanded Greek Definition, Electronic Database.
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Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament

εὐτόνως ,


(< εὖ , τείνω ),

[in LXX for H7782 Joshua 6:8 *;]

vigorously, vehemently: Luke 23:10, Acts 18:28.†

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
Vocabulary of the Greek NT

For the comparative of this adverb which in the NT is confined to Lk, cf. P Lille I. 3i. 14 (B.C. 241–0) ἐπ ]ιστεῖλαι εὐτονώτερον, P Petr II. 9(1).3 (B.C. 241–39) καλῶς ποιήσεις εὐτονώτερον γράψας Ἀνδροσθένει, ib. 14 (2).8 γράψον οὖν εὐτονώτερον Θερῶνι. For the adj. cf. P Oxy XII. 1468.7 (c. A.D. 258) ἡ σὴ εὔτονος καὶ περὶ πάντα ἀκοίμητος πρόνοια, ";your active and in all cases unresting vigilance"; (Edd.), OGIS 315.52 (mid. ii/B.C.) Χλῶρος δ᾽ εὐτονώτατος ἦν τὰ Ῥωμαϊκὰ προτείνων : for the subst., BGU III. 786ii. 1 (ii/A.D.) διὰ τῆς [σ ]ῆς ε [ ]τ ̣ονίας : and for the verb, ib. 970.15 (A.D. 177) ἐὰν γένηται μὴ εὐτονῆσαι αὐτὸν [ ]ποδοῦναί μοι τὴν προῖκα, Michel 1564.80 (A.D. 175) εὐτονήσουσι γὰρ οἱ προεστῶτες τοῦ μηδὲν αὐτῶν λυθῆναι, and ib.49.


The Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament.
Copyright © 1914, 1929, 1930 by James Hope Moulton and George Milligan. Hodder and Stoughton, London.
Derivative Copyright © 2015 by Allan Loder.
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