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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

5463 KJV: greeting, farewell, joyfully, God speed, all hail, hail, rejoice, be glad, joy    NAS: gladly, make, greeting, glad, rejoiced, am glad, rejoicing, rejoices, joyfully, greeted, greetings, rejoice, hail    HCS: they were overjoyed, they rejoiced, He rejoices, will gloat, we rejoice, rejoices, have rejoiced, Greetings, can rejoice, I rejoice, those who rejoice, They were glad, glad, I will rejoice, I am pleased, you may rejoice, joyfully, Be glad, be glad, was rejoicing, we rejoiced, will rejoice, Good morning, he was glad, who rejoice, rejoiced, Hail, rejoicing, rejoice, I rejoiced, Let us be glad, Rejoice, Welcome, joy, they were glad, I am glad, m glad, he joyfully
chaírō khah'ee-ro
5464 KJV: hail    NAS: hail, hailstones, hailstorm    HCS: hail, hailstones, of hail
chálaza khal'-ad-zah
5465 KJV: strike, let down    NAS: lowering, let down, let down let down    HCS: I was let down, let down, ll let down, they lowered, they had let down
chaláō khal-ah'-o
5466 KJV: Chaldean    NAS: Chaldeans    HCS: of the Chaldeans
Chaldaîos khal-dah'-yos
5467 KJV: fierce, perilous    NAS: violent, difficult    HCS: Difficult, They were so violent
chalepós khal-ep-os'
5468 KJV: bridle    NAS: bridle    HCS: controlling, to control
chalinagōgéō khal-in-ag-ogue-eh'-o
5469 KJV: bit, bridle    NAS: bridles, bits    HCS: bits, bridles
chalinós khal-ee-nos'
5470 KJV: brass    NAS: brass    HCS: bronze
chálkeos khal'-key-os
5471 KJV: coppersmith    NAS: coppersmith    HCS: coppersmith
chalkeús khalk-yooce'
5472 KJV: chalcedony    NAS: chalcedony    HCS: chalcedony
chalkēdṓn khal-kay-dohn'
5473 KJV: brasen vessel    NAS: copper pots    HCS: copper utensils
chalkíon khal-kee'-on
5474 KJV: fine brass    NAS: burnished bronze    HCS: fine bronze
chalkolíbanon khal-kol-ib'-an-on
5475 KJV: money, brass    NAS: copper, money, bronze, gong    HCS: gong, copper, money, brass
chalkós khal-kos'
5476 KJV: to the ground, on the ground    NAS: ground    HCS: to the ground, on the ground
chamaí kham-ah'ee
5477 KJV: Chanaan    NAS: Canaan    HCS: of Canaan, Canaan
Chanaán khan-ah-an'
5478 KJV: of Canaan    NAS: Canaanite    HCS: a Canaanite
Chanaanaîos khan-ah-an-ah'-yos
5479 KJV: joyfully + (3326), gladness, joyfulness, joyous, joyful, greatly, joy    NAS: rejoicing, joyfully, joyously, greatly, joyful, joy    HCS: of joy, with joy, enjoyable, more joy, *, joy, greatly
chará khar-ah'
5480 KJV: graven, mark    NAS: mark, image formed    HCS: mark, an image, a mark
cháragma khar'-ag-mah
5481 KJV: express image    NAS: exact representation    HCS: the exact expression
charaktḗr khar-ak-tar'
5482 KJV: trench    NAS: barricade    HCS: an embankment
chárax khar'-ax
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