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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

3462 KJV: anoint    NAS: anointed    HCS: she has anointed
myrízō moo-rid'-zo
3463 KJV: ten thousand    NAS: ten thousand, countless
mýrioi moo'-ree-oi
3464 KJV: ointment    NAS: perfumes, perfume, ointment    HCS: oil, fragrant oil, myrrh, perfumes, of fragrant oil, with the fragrant oil, with fragrant oil
mýron moo'-ron
3465 KJV: Mysia    NAS: Mysia    HCS: Mysia
Mysía moo-see'-ah
3466 KJV: mystery    NAS: mystery, mysteries    HCS: a cryptic, secrets, secret, mystery, of the mystery, mysteries, a mystery, hidden plan, testimony
mystḗrion moos-tay'-ree-on
3467 KJV: cannot see afar off    NAS: short-sighted    HCS: and shortsighted
myōpázō moo-ope-ad'-zo
3468 KJV: stripe    NAS: wounds    HCS: wounds
mṓlōps mo'-lopes
3469 KJV: blame    NAS: discredit, discredited    HCS: be blamed, can criticize
mōmáomai mo-mah'-om-ahee
3470 KJV: blemish    NAS: blemishes    HCS: blemishes
mōmos mo'-mos
3471 KJV: make foolish, lose savour, become a fool    NAS: became fools, made foolish, become tasteless    HCS: should lose its taste, they became fools, foolish
mōraínō mo-rah'ee-no
3472 KJV: foolishness    NAS: foolishness    HCS: foolishness
mōría mo-ree'-ah
3473 KJV: foolish talking    NAS: silly talk    HCS: foolish talking
mōrología mo-rol-og-ee'-ah
3474 KJV: foolishness, fool, foolish    NAS: foolishness, foolish things, fools, foolish, fool    HCS: foolishness, what is foolish, a foolish, foolish, fools, are fools, You moron
mōrós mo-ros'
3475 KJV: Moses    NAS: Moses    HCS: mdash; Moses, of Moses, and Moses, prescribed by Moses, that Moses, what Moses, When Moses, after Moses, for Moses, Moses, to Moses, did Moses
Mōseús moce-yoos', mo-sace'
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