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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

1138 KJV: David    HCS: David's, from David, that David, David, of David, made to David, son of David
Dabíd dab-eed'
1139 KJV: have a devil, possessed with a devil, possessed with devils, possessed with the devil, of the devils, vexed with a devil    NAS: demon-possessed, demoniacs    HCS: man who had been demon-possessed, tormented by a demon, demon-possessed, of someone demon-possessed, the demon-possessed, a demon-possessed, who were demon-possessed
daimonízomai dahee-mon-id'-zom-ahee
1140 KJV: devil, god    NAS: demons, deities, demon    HCS: demons, *, demon, for demons, a demon, deities, with demons, of demons, demonic, to demons
daimónion dahee-mon'-ee-on
1141 KJV: devilish    NAS: demonic    HCS: demonic
daimoniṓdēs dahee-mon-ee-o'-dace
1142 KJV: devil, devils    NAS: demons    HCS: demons
daímōn dah'ee-mown
1143 KJV: bite    NAS: bite    HCS: you bite
dáknō dak'-no
1144 KJV: tear    NAS: tear, tears    HCS: with tears, tears, tear
dákry dak'-roo, dak'-roo-on
1145 KJV: weep    NAS: wept    HCS: wept
dakrýō dak-roo'-o
1146 KJV: ring    NAS: ring    HCS: a ring
daktýlios dak-too'-lee-os
1147 KJV: finger    NAS: finger, fingers    HCS: finger, fingers, to lift a finger, the finger
dáktylos dak'-too-los
1148 KJV: Dalmanutha    NAS: Dalmanutha    HCS: of Dalmanutha
Dalmanouthá dal-man-oo-thah'
1149 KJV: Dalmatia    NAS: Dalmatia    HCS: Dalmatia
Dalmatía dal-mat-ee'-ah
1150 KJV: tame    NAS: tamed, tame, subdue    HCS: has been tamed, tame, is tamed, to subdue
damázō dam-ad'-zo
1151 KJV: heifer    NAS: heifer    HCS: of a young cow
dámalis dam'-al-is
1152 KJV: Damaris    NAS: Damaris    HCS: Damaris
Dámaris dam'-ar-is
1153 KJV: Damascenes    NAS: Damascenes    HCS: of the Damascenes
Damaskēnós dam-as-kay-nos'
1154 KJV: Damascus    NAS: Damascus    HCS: Damascus
Damaskós dam-as-kos'
1155 KJV: borrow, lend    NAS: borrow, lend    HCS: lend, you lend, to borrow
daneízō dan-ide'-zo
1156 KJV: debt    NAS: debt    HCS: loan
dáneion dan'-i-on
1157 KJV: creditor    NAS: moneylender    HCS: creditor
daneistḗs dan-ice-tace'
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