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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

2524 KJV: let down    NAS: lowered, lowering, down, let...down    HCS: being lowered, and lowered
kathíēmi kath-ee'-ay-mee
2525 KJV: conduct, make ruler, make, appoint, be, ordain, set    NAS: made, escorted, appoint, charge, appointed, makes, appoints, set, put in charge, render    HCS: we can appoint, will put in charge, is placed, will be made, who appointed, appointed, in charge, they will keep, were made, becomes, to appoint, is appointed, who escorted, appoints, has put in charge
kathístēmi kath-is'-tay-mee
2526 KJV: as, according to, inasmuch as    NAS: degree, according    HCS: according to, as, for as
kathó kath-o'
2527 KJV: at all    NAS: all    HCS: at all
kathólou kath-ol'-oo
2528 KJV: arm    NAS: fully armed    HCS: fully armed
kathoplízō kath-op-lid'-zo
2529 KJV: clearly see    NAS: clearly seen    HCS: have been clearly seen
kathoráō kath-or-ah'-o
2530 KJV: forsomuch as, according as, as, because    NAS: since, because    HCS: for, as, because
kathóti kath-ot'-ee
2531 KJV: when, as well as + (2532), according as, as, how, according to, even as    NAS: even    HCS: in keeping with, mdash; as, just as, these, as, *, like, it as, In this way, As, just as, Based on, how, only as, according to, it just as, things as, as, Just as, things, as, in keeping with, because, person should do as
kathṓs kath-oce'
2532 KJV: so, even, both, then, misc, not tr., likewise, and, also    NAS: accompanied, both, yet, along, forty-six, actually, if, certainly, or, also, so, only, very, although, else, whether, again, continue, too, though, even, whose, same, after, indeed, nor, together, including, when, moving about freely, either, than, without, besides, well, while, until, now, just, then, more, likewise    HCS:
kaí kahee
2533 KJV: Caiaphas    NAS: Caiaphas    HCS: Caiaphas, of Caiaphas
Kaïáphas kah-ee-af'-as
2534 KJV: at least, also
kaíge ka'hee-gheh
2535 KJV: Cain    NAS: Cain    HCS: Cain, of Cain
Káïn kah'-in
2536 KJV: Cainan    NAS: Cainan    HCS: son of Cainan
Kaïnán Kah-ee-nan'
2537 KJV: new    NAS: things new, new, new things, fresh    HCS: in a new, in new, a new, new, is a new, A new, fresh, the new, what is new, of a new, he is a new
kainós kahee-nos'
2538 KJV: newness    NAS: newness    HCS: a new, the new
kainótēs kahee-not'-ace
2539 KJV: and yet, though    NAS: although, though, even though    HCS: even though, Though, although, mdash; though, though
kaíper kah'ee-per
2540 KJV: not tr, time, opportunity, due time, always + (1722 + (3956), misc, season    NAS: proper time, opportunity, opportune time, right time, season, time, seasons, age, short, epochs, occasion, while, times    HCS: At harvest time, seasons, time, for a time, opportunity, proper time, *, the season, a while, the times, periods, a short time, a time, an opportunity, the time, the proper time, the appointed moment, days, harvest, times
kairós kahee-ros'
2541 KJV: Caesar    NAS: Caesar, Caesar's    HCS: Caesar, things that are Caesar's, to Caesar, Caesar's
Kaîsar Kah'ee-sar
2542 KJV: Caesarea (of Palestine), Caesarea (Philippi)    NAS: Caesarea    HCS: Caesarea, of Caesarea
Kaisáreia kahee-sar'-i-a
2543 KJV: although    NAS: yet, although    HCS: And yet, although
kaítoi kah'ee-toy
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